Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Move Part III: Getting unpacked

Okay, so here I am, finally able to feel a little settled. Books are unpacked; pictures are hung; and even some things in the garage have a place. The best part was getting the computer desk and surrounding bookshelves organized. Of course, it's all far from perfect, I'm sure I'll whip out some of my "it'll work better this way" cleaning sprees and we'll be back under the thumb of craziness.

But until then, I shall relish in completion. Okay, NEAR completion.

The worst part about getting unpacked (versus packing) is the different lay-out of the house. Our stuff used to have a place, but now it has to be re-configured to fit here.

What's nice is that once it's all unpacked, then I can start focusing on adding other (and new) elements into my changed (and yet so much the same) life. This could include: pre-schools, piano students, park visits, seein' the SF sights, more blogging, and shopping at Trader Joe's....

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Janelle said...

Oooh Trader Joe's. Have fun! You guys need to plan some family weekends to see the sites!