Saturday, March 24, 2007

10 and 10

10 things I don't like about myself:

  1. I freak out. A lot. Over dumb things.
  2. I want to be healthier (and 30 pounds lighter) but I can't seem to muster up the self-control.
  3. I yell at my kids --usually when I'm freaking out. Over dumb things.
  4. My hormones rage and fluctuate at random times (and then I freak out).
  5. I speak my mind too frequently
  6. I forget to do nice things; i.e. birthdays, thank-you cards, making cookies for my VT sisters, etc.
  7. I have high expectations of myself and then feel guilt when I can't/don't/won't fulfill them.
  8. My kids watch too much TV because I blog too much
  9. I slack off with scripture study and personal prayer (out-loud-kneeling-by-the-bed-kind) on a regular basis
  10. I don't appreciate my husband enough.

10 things I like about myself:

  1. I am a musician
  2. I appreciate nature
  3. I was healthy enough to have four kids
  4. I got myself a Bachelor's degree (in four years!)
  5. Despite my flaws, I've somehow managed to surround myself with amazing people
  6. I love to laugh
  7. I have beautiful eyes
  8. I maintain some level of intelligence in a variety of subjects
  9. I tend to be organized
  10. I was smart enough to get the best husband in the entire world

What about you? (feel free to limit it to 2, 5, or 7 each. Or go with all ten! I'd love to hear about it so I don't feel alone in this cold, cruel, blogging world...)


Janelle said...

I have a big mouth.
I hate it when I'm critical.
I use too much sarcasm.
I do not have much self control when it comes to food.
I don't like exercise too much.
I'm not too open to negative feedback unless its from my husband.
I can be impatient with my kids.

Good: Despite the abreviated list above, I still like being me.

Amber said...

Bad bad bad: organizationally deficient. Seriously bad.
Love food way too much.
Good: At least keep things clean; I have the cleanest piles around.
Obsessed with working out; helps with the love of food. :-)

brenbot said...

i used to write lists of all of the things i hated about myself. i don't think it was very healthy.

i think it is good to recognize and want to strengthen weaknesses but it is more effective to do it in a positive away.

for example, i have never been very flexible. i never did gymnastics, never could do the splits and always did poorly on that "sit-and-reach" test in P.E. class. instead of saying, "i am not flexible," it is better for me to start saying, "i AM flexible." if I say it enough, my brain will believe it and it may become true.

hope that makes sense.

Cheryl said...

I hear ya, bren. I also think making lists of things I hate about myself are bad, too...unless it's followed with a list of things I love about myself. Then I can compare, see where I need to improve and work on it. Also, it helps me see that what I don't like really isn't so bad after all...

(Now you got me thinking: "I AM THIN! I AM THIN! I AM THIN!") :)