Monday, January 01, 2007

Thinking about 2006

I've been thinking a lot about 2006. It was a crazy year for me, but not too bad. Before I throw myself all willy-nilly into 2007, I figured I would re-hash some of the highlights of my life in 2006:
  • I started blogging!
  • I found an amazing walking/running partner who convinced me I could actually run. Run a 5K. Run it well! And I did! I ran a 5K --I hadn't run further than 1/2 mile since I was 14 years old, and there I was, running 3 miles! Without stopping! For a great cause!
  • I experienced my first miscarriage at 9 weeks pregnant. Nothing could have prepared me for it, but nothing could have been better for me to learn at that time.
  • I was blessed to become pregnant again shortly after the miscarriage, and to keep the baby this time. I don't take it for granted anymore!
  • My oldest daughter started Kindergarten. How can she be this old? Wasn't she just a sweet little baby yesterday? A cute toddler? A smart little preschooler? When did she grow up? Grow up enough for me to send her to school?
  • My son learned to talk --and to talk pretty well!
  • My husband left his company and created a world of uncertainty for a couple of months --but good months. We were able to spend more time together and explore our options for our future. By this time next week, we'll have an answer to that, too... :)
  • I taught preschool for the first time!
  • I taught preschool for the last time! :)
  • I decided to plan my 10 year high school reunion. There is so much detail left to hash out, but it's coming together! I'm really looking forward to it being done --and getting people to come...
  • We had to take #2 to the hospital for "glue" in her chin after falling on a corner of the fireplace.
  • We had to take #3 to the hospital for "glue" after gashing his forehead on a door at a church building.
  • #1 started learning to play the piano (and read and write!)
  • I GOT A MINI-VAN!!!!

Great year. Crazy and all mixed up, but still great. I hope 2007 is just as good, which, I guess it should be, considering we'll be having our baby and moving sometime soon. Adventure --that can be really good!

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