Monday, January 29, 2007

MOLD? Are you serious?!?!

Okay, people. We have mold.

Luckily, it's contained on the damaged wall. Our home owner's insurance company sent a guy over to assess the damage from our weekend adventure, and he found mold behind the wall and down to the floor. Oh, yay! Turns out that the leak must have happened about 2 weeks ago. Yep. 2 weeks of leaking water. 2 weeks of my children playing in their playroom with that crud growing on the wall. 2 weeks of breathing in spores of mold. 2 weeks, people, 2 weeks!!

Luckily, nobody got sick.

The guy tore down the paneling today and sprayed some sterlizer stuff on it. In the morning, the huge sanitation and resoration begins. I'm just glad the mold will be gone before baby comes. Now THAT is not something I could deal with! A new baby with mold...yuck! Not doing that to the kid.

What's good, though, is the insurance will pay for the mold removal, the wall restoration, and new carpet. But new carpet EVERYWHERE! Yay! New carpet in the whole basement! On the stairs! Carpet we will like! That isn't decades old and grimy! Yay! However, that will NOT be done before baby comes. But that's okay. No carpet in the basement won't be bad like mold in the house would be bad... :)


RoAnn said...

You are so very lucky (blessed?)that your insurance company will cover mold damage. Most policies nowadays won't, because of the high cost of mold remediation.

In the end, when the new carpet is all in place, you may even think it was worth all the horrible hassle, right? :)

MelnHead said...

That is fabulous about the ins! Wahooo! :) And love the fact that new carpet everywhere is coming-- it's like the icing on the cake! :)

And because I can't see an email to msg you there-- thanks for your comment, I replied in comments. :)

Cheryl said...

Well, actually, because the mold isn't THAT bad, they can clean it up without the "state" regulations. Basically, we had two choices: A)Have the State come in an clean it, which would take 2 weeks, crazy set-ups where the area would be blocked off (with guys in yellow suits, no doubt) and they wouldn't be finished until the air count was right and not a speck of mold remained in the house. And insurance won't cover it. It would be abou $5,000.00 OR B)Sign a waiver with the company the insurance people had come over saying we won't sue if we get sick and they sterilize the entire area and clean it up tomorrow. And insurance pays for it.

At first, I was all "WAIVER??!" but then I realized for 2 weeks, none of us have gotten sick, so that wasn't really an issue. My issue is the baby coming next week. Oh, yeah, and 5,000 BUCKS! Yeah, that sealed the deal, too.

So, it should go well. The carpet will take a while, but I can bring a baby home to an uncarpeted basement, no problem. :) :)
Thanks, guys.

Oh, and MeInhead...thank you so much for your comments over at Tales. It really did help me...I think I'll post another comment over there as well. :)

brenbot said...

Didn't you just get sick?

Cheryl said...

Yeeeesssss...But, the air here is at red level and has been for 3 weeks. So, it's really hard to know what it is that's causing it. I mean, the mold is still here, but I'm actually getting better (the guys can't come until tomorrow to clean it all out).

So, I guess I'm not sure. I get asthma attacks with just regular dust, so this cruddy air has been bad for a while. And the mold has apparantly been here for 2 weeks or less --so, it's just too hard to tell. But the cold I woke up with on Saturday morning is gone (nose and throat stuff).