Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Let's just add windows and gutters to that, please...

Okay. So the mold is now gone. No problem. They cleaned it up good and got it all. The carpet guy came and did measurements. Things are on track, right? Well...

The mold/wall/clean-up guy sent by the Insurance Company (who, by the way, has been fabulous! He's professional, honest, and works hard. I like this company State Farm sent our way...) found something else:

Our old windows (we have two along the damaged wall) have significant damage themselves, which has aided to the water damage that happened primarily to the frozen/cracked pipe. Yes...and so the water damage around the windows have created cracks in the foundation around them. Soooo....after having another person look at the windows, we have realized we need to replace them. What's good is we will replace them with those great window wells that are safer in case of fire. As of now, all of our windows are tiny and too high to get out of in case of a fire. This is just due to the fact that the house was built in 1962 (or so). Also (as if this wasn't enough) we discovered (which is sad we didn't notice this until now) that there is no rain gutter on the roof above the section of the house where these windows are located. Add that in --more water. More damage.
So, we're getting new window wells and windows.

And probably new soffets and rain gutters.

And a new wall of sheetrock.

And new carpet.

And it will take at least a month for it all to be done.

Insurance will only pay for the last two. So, here we come home equity loan! Here we come...

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