Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday --and I'm already tired...

I have an appointment with my cardiologist this morning --and they'll be checking my cholesterol. Yay.

The house is a disaster area. You would think that somehow we could keep it clean and organized for at least one day, wouldn't you? Yeah, me neither.

#2 has informed us that she "felled in love" with a boy in her preschool class (the class I teach in our home). I tried to brush it off, but as he put his arm around her and they giggled together, I kept thinking, "She's only THREE! She can't be boy-crazy, yet! AHHHHHH!!!!!!". Seriously, come teen-time, I'm going to be a nervous wreck.

DH finished work yesterday. Now we are just waiting to see where we'll end up. He'll be taking the GMAT again this month (his old one expired) and applying to Wharton soon. Depending on how Pittsburgh goes, I think Dallas is still our top choice.

Baby is getting big and now I'm getting exhausted. I'm almost 30 weeks --it's hard to imagine a fourth little angel in our home. #3 is sweet with little kids, but I'm still nervous on how he will react to having a new baby that STAYS. He still has some biting problems (better, though!) and he tends to terrorize the cat (although he's trying to play with him), and so I'm a little nervous for his jealousy. The girls had some, but nothing serious.

Why do my piano students somehow think I'm an idiot? They seem to think I can't tell whether they have practiced or not. I'm THE TEACHER. I wouldn't be teaching if I didn't know what I was doing.

Christmas decorations are wonderful. I love Christmas! Music, lights, smells, food, etc. Just gotta get DH to put up the outside lights before it snows again...


kanga5 said...

I've not posted before but I wanted to say I know what you mean about the whole piano students thing! I have to laugh at them (in my head of course) because I now know what MY piano teacher was thinking when I tried to fibb on how much I had practiced. LOL
I just came across your blog a few days ago and it's been fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you left a's nice to hear from new people --and fellow piano teachers are wonderful! :)
Comment anytime!

tamrobot said...

I'm pretty sure I fibbed pretty well about piano practicing. I was supposed to practice an hour a day, but I was lucky to do an hour a week. Sometimes she would say how she could tell I had been practicing, but it was always seemed to be the times I hadn't practiced nearly at all.

Don't believe a word they say.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I don't. :)