Sunday, December 03, 2006

DH is home

Okay, so DH has been "home" for about a week now, even though his last day with his company was technically just Thursday. I have to admit to two things:

1-When DH is home, I find myself resenting him and

2- I love having home.

First, let's talk about #1. When he's home, he wants to do his thing, you know what I mean? He's on the computer, running errands, taking care of "his" stuff. However, the kids and I still have our routine --something we're used to --and DH is not entirely a part of that. Not his fault, really, nor ours, it's just how it is with a working dad. So I find myself resenting him --I'm cleaning the house, and he doesn't really see how he should help. He does if I ask --but I think he's enjoying some "time off". Wish I had "time off", you know?

However, in the same breath, having him home is fun. He's there to help me if I have to run an errand, he can help with the kids, he does little "chores" that I don't want to do, etc. It kind of makes me think about how retirement years might be --although there won't be little kids running amok in the house...

So, I'm trying to adjust. Of course, I should be praising the sky that he'll be home for a month with us (and our fun vacation next week! Here we come Disneyland!) because soon enough, he'll be doing his Master's and have a new job. Then I'll probably resent how much I don't see him. :)

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