Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Here's what we did:
  • Took our time getting up; packed everything; cleaned a little; found all the kiddies' toys and gifts, etc.
  • Said good-bye to Nana (Papa was already at work) and drove to tam's and bren's office (they happen to work together!) to say good-bye to them.
  • Drove to Pasadena to see DH's aunt and her girls (same aunt and cousins who met us in Disneyland the week before).
  • Hung out for a few hours at her home --picked lemons, oranges, let the kids play, etc.
  • Drove back West a few miles to La Canada to visit my aunt and uncle.
  • Hung out, ate dinner, put kids to bed, visited, etc.
  • Stayed the night (thank you Aunt A and Uncle R!! and cousin L for letting us use your room...)

Next Day (Thursday):

  • DH went to an interview early with a SF company (but they met in Pasadena for the interview) --it was a great interview, OH! Forgot to mention that the Pittsburgh interview went really well, too!!
  • Packed up quickly and got on the road by 10AM
  • Stopped in Barstow for lunch...
  • Got to Las Vegas close to 3PM.
  • Checked into the Golden Nugget, got the kids situated. DH took the kids to see the shark tank, while I rested a bit.
  • Our friends from Provo arrived and checked into their room (adjoining ours) with their baby and two nieces (our babysitters).
  • Gave instructions to the babysitters, and left with our friends for the BYU BOWL GAME!!!
  • Arrived VERY late to the bowl game. Traffic was Awful, and they only have one road going to the stadium. Whose idea was that?!?!?
  • Get to our seats --it's a little cold and we end up wearing both jackets/hoodies we brought.
  • Sat in front of DH's dad and his fiance, as well as Keith Merrill, his wife, and Olene Walker and her husband. (for those who don't know, Olene Walker was the governer of Utah before Hunstman...well, I thought it was cool... :) )
  • Watched BYU kick Oregon's butt... NICE.... :)
  • DH had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get food. The service was TERRIBLE. You would think they were prepared for 18,000 people, it being a bowl game? Maybe have enough food? Enough people to serve? Yeah, you would think so...
  • See BYU win. :)
  • Finally find friends and their car --battery is dead on their car. Luckily, someone helps jump the car.
  • Drive to the hotel, where babysitters did a good job.
  • Read and go to sleep....zzzzzzz......

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