Tuesday, December 26, 2006


DH was in Pittsburgh on Monday (Day Eight) and so the kiddies and I hung out with Nana all day (DH's mom). We did some Christmas shopping for DH, played, read, and just kind of hung around. DH's sisters came by to "play" as well throughout the day...DH came home right around 10PM.

On the Tuesday (Day Nine), we were LAZY. Kids played all day, I read a novel, and DH read and fiddled on his laptop. Right after dinner, we went to see our good friends that still live in Simi Valley; we hung out at their place for an hour or two and then went to see DH's sister, bren and her hubby. After a while, we took the kiddies back to Nana's and Papa's house, put them to bed, and then went to tam's house (DH's sister). She and her husband bought a Wii, and so we played until all hours. (BTW, I kicked DH's trash at boxing and bowling!! hahahahahaha!!! :) ).
Then it was back to DH's mom's house where we crashed.

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