Thursday, December 07, 2006

Black and White photos

These are some preview pictures that the Great Grandparents can expect for Christmas this year. DH is pretty good with the camera, but it also helped that we were in such a beautiful spot (this was in August at Waterton Park in Canada). I love these shots (there were several) because they show how much fun the kids had getting soaked up to their bums in glacier water. :) It also has captured a part of their childhood --and it's funny to see how tall #3 is getting. He's almost passing #2, now --almost 5 months later. They just grow up too fast.


Chrissie said...

Wow. Beautiful photo. I love's just the most beautiful country.

Cheryl said...

Where have you been in Canada? I love it there, too. The people are just wonderful, but how can they not be with such a beautiful place to live?