Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One day in my life.

  • 5:42AM --#3 wakes up crying. Has 102 temp. Give him medicine. Goes to sleep
  • 6:48AM --#3 wakes up again. Done for the night, so he and I go sit on the couch together.
  • 7:10AM --#1 and #2 are awake and slowly start getting ready for the day.
  • 8:19AM --Mom of one of my preschooler calls and we decide together to cancel that day's field trip. POURING outside. Buckets, people, buckets.
  • 8:23AM --DH stays with the younger two kids while I drive #1 to Kindergarten.
  • 8:47AM --Called all preschool moms about cancelled FT.
  • 9:03AM --#2 and #3 settled and watching TV. I settle down to finish Book Club Novel. Book club is tomorrow night.
  • 9:50AM -- Phone call from DH to finalize flight plans to FL via NYC in Nov. before our cruise.
  • 10:02AM -- Phone call from DH to suggest we get on those passports (I won't mention here that I've been at him for 8 or 9 months to get new passports...)
  • 10:49AM --Finally finish filling out Passport forms and finding out about fees, ID required, etc.
  • 11:00AM --Feed #2 and #3 lunch
  • 11:10AM --Ask #2 to PLEASE finish eating
  • 11:17AM --Start threatening #2 for not eating
  • 11:23AM --Panic because #2 won't hurry!!
  • 11:30AM --Finally get fed and cleaned up #2 into her dance clothes
  • 11:38AM --Put #2 and #3 into the car; still raining.
  • 11:40AM --Pick up #1 from Kindergarten (hey, the school's down the street, doesn't take long)
  • 11:48AM --Run into Macy's to pay my grandmother's bill
  • 11:59AM --Drop #2 off at dance class
  • 12:07PM --Feed #1 lunch
  • 12:09PM --Wash my face and apply great make-up for Passport photos
  • 12:28PM --Check #3 for more fever; give Tylenol; change diaper
  • 12:38PM --Put #1 and #3 in the car (all bundled up) with stacked diaper bag and passport info.
  • 12:45PM --Pick up #2 at dance class
  • 12:57PM --Get kids out of the car at Utah County Building
  • 1:05PM --Told I'm in the wrong building
  • 1:07PM --Feel guilty for bringing #3 out in the rain when he's not feeling well...
  • 1:12PM --Arrive at correct building (next door to previous building) and Passport office
  • 1:18PM --Told the form I filled out was expired.
  • 1:24PM --Finish new form
  • 1:38PM --Leave passport office happy and with happy kids (hooray for the helpful lady, string cheese and magnadoodles!)
  • 1:49PM --Arrive home
  • 1:49 1/2PM --Put #3 down for a nap (fever finally gone, poor guy)
  • 1:55PM --Work on computer for 10 year class reunion, and Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation while #1 and #2 watch some TV.
  • 2:45PM --Make #1 and #2 turn off TV and draw/color.
  • 2:48PM --Realize #3 is not going to wake up soon and VT appointment is at 3.
  • 2:49-3:01PM --Frantically calling 5-7 High School students in ward. Find one. Beg for service. She rushes over.
  • 3:08PM --Go to Visiting Teaching appointment. Good visit. Good lesson.
  • 3:34PM --Come home and thank high schooler over and over and over.
  • 3:38PM --#3 wakes up
  • 3:43PM --First piano student comes early
  • 3:50PM --Do first piano lesson anyway
  • 4:23PM --First piano student leaves
  • 4:24PM --Try to read some more of Book Club Book
  • 4:31PM --Second piano student comes
  • 4:53PM --Lesson ends early because student didn't practice very much
  • 5:00PM --Let kids watch another show while I read for 20 mintues of Book Club Book (which, by the way is super fun and light and wonderful --Fannie Flagg's "Standing in the Rainbow")
  • 5:23PM --Start making dinner
  • 5:48PM --Read some more
  • 5:58PM --Have kids set table
  • 6:04PM --Sit down to eat
  • 6:16PM --DH comes home
  • 6:25PM --#1 reads her school assignment to DH; I read
  • 6:55PM --DH leaves for YM's
  • 7:05PM --Yes, kids get ONE more show
  • 7:06PM --I read!!
  • 7:27PM --Kids get in pajamas, we read books and scriptures and say prayers.
  • 7:38PM --Kids in bed
  • 7:50PM --I get ready for preschool for tomorrow morning
  • 8:14PM --Check and answer emails, comment on blogs, start to write this blog
  • 8:38PM --Phone call about Primary....
  • 8:45PM --Finish this post
  • 8:47PM --Re-read post and realize that today was a bad day to pick. My kids really don't watch that much TV in one day. They don't! Just today. Okay, and maybe every four or five days. But not everyday!
  • 8:48PM --Decide I'm really tired. But I gotta finish that book...
  • 8:48 1/2PM --Publish post... :)
  • 8:53PM --Finish Editing post to add bullets...


Anonymous said...

You're going on a cruise? Where? That sounds like so much fun! I'm so jealous! Don't worry, I don't think your kids watch too much television. They can't go play outside when it's rainy now can they. But your days seem like a good type of busy.

Cheryl said...

We're heading for the Western Carribbean (how the heck to you spell that?!?) in November. It'll be great! No kids --the only hard part is no jungle/jeep trips since I'll be 7 months pregnant...Oh, well. I'm just glad to go!

And yes, thank you for pointing that out. It was raining buckets, and usually they are out in the backyard livin' it up. Since they couldn't, the TV was the only thing that could keep me sane. :)