Monday, September 25, 2006

Does she have an imagination?

I think I have failed.

#1 was asked to some assignments on imagination. Simple, concise thoughts --nothing major. The question was: "Pretend your pencil box is magical. What kind of magic does it have? Where did it get its' magic? What happens when you open the box?"

My head was reeling with answers, which, of course, I did not give. So I waited slowly for her answers.

After 5 minutes, I helped with some other questions.

Finally after 8 minutes or so, we had some answers written down. Not bad --"fairies made it magic and there were pencils in it"....(prod, prod, prod)..."the pencils help flowers to grow fast."

Really not a bad answer, but it left me wondering: AHHHHH!!! Does she have an active imagination like I hope? Does she watch too much TV? Was she just under pressure? Have I failed to read to her enough? Is it this stupid fast-paced world we live in that doesn't leave room for imagination because everything is right there at our fingertips??!!?

Please tell me she's okay and that her imagination is fine...and why I'm even worrying about this?


brenbot said...

I have always been amazed at how smart your #1 is. Maybe when someone is more book-smart it is harder for them to be imaginative - especially as a child? I don't think you have anything to worry about. I think #2 has enough imagination for both of them.

Cheryl said...

Good point! And of course, I don't have enough to worry about --I've got to worry about this, too, right? :)