Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love my DH

DH and I have been married for 7 1/2 years now (plus a few days). We've been in love for 8 1/2, and that seems so long. Okay, it seems long to us, but I guess it wouldn't seem long to my G and G who have been married over 50 years.

Anyways, I wanted to write a small tribute to him (I'm in the mushy mood, what with this being wedding season and so many people we know and love are getting married --love you, bren!!). Here are the reasons why DH and I are meant for each other:
  1. I am out-of-control punctual. DH is usually late for something. Somehow we cancel each other out, and the stress is less...
  2. DH and I love music of all kinds and enjoy a nice jamming session for FHE (starring our children as we all sing Primary song after Primary song)
  3. DH is always motivated to work hard and try something new. Once he chooses a new talent to work on, he tries to master it before moving onto something else. This is why he can now play great blues guitar, beat me in chess EVERY time, is scuba certified, and wants to be on the Search and Rescue team for the county. Also, because of this, he has helped me to be more open to new things. Until I met DH I had NEVER IN MY LIFE done the following: Eaten sushi, flown on a plane (no joke!), snorkeled, eaten snails, been to Hawaii and Mexico, been snow skiing, been parasailing, ridden on more than ONE roller coaster, and eaten Thai or Indian food. Yeah --he's pretty much done cultured me! :)
  4. With that said, I have taught him the importance of: Barbra Striesand, old black and white movies starring Cary Grant, the theater, jazz music, Jane Austen, Musicals, Clean toilets, organized files, and talking. Hmmm....yeah. Don't rub it in....I know he wins... :)
  5. DH and I can read each other's minds so well it's almost crazy. I will mention something, in code because the kiddies are in the room, and he will know exactly what I'm referring to, even if it's a new subject about something random from the day before. Scary....
  6. We have this unspoken sense about us that always knows no matter what, we will be there for each other. I'm sure most couples feel this, but its' presence is very comforting.
  7. We are both RED type personalities. I'm a RED/BLUE and he is a RED/YELLOW. This makes for some very good arguments, but we sure have a ton of fun together.
  8. DH helps me to see that some things don't actually have to be talked about. Hashing it out, if it won't solve anything, could cause more damage. I help DH to see that NOT talking about something can damage it, too. We help balance the scales of "talking" and therapy with each other. :)
  9. DH is the best dad ever. He plays baseball with them, takes them to the store just so they can look at all the toys and/or buy a boardgame. He takes them to basketball games, baseball games, and would take them to football games if I didn't love it so much. He reads to them each night, and still gives piggy-back rides, even when he's tired. He's firm with them when he needs to be, but he's always the one they want the most, so you know he loves them and they sure love him.
  10. DH keeps me calm. He stems the tide of SHOUTING that explodes from me almost daily. He teaches me to be patient and kind --he puts things in great perspectives. DH is my rock and the man I need to keep me from myself. He tries so hard to bring out the best in me --it's hard to see if I have had any good influence on him because he seems to be so much better for me...hmmm...don't tell him that! I don't want him to think that somehow he married down....OOHHH!!!

Funny story!!!

DH was giving the "response" at our wedding luncheon. He stood and was so cute and said: "I'm at a loss for words....For those of you that were in the Temple Sealing, the Sealer talked about how I was marrying up, which couldn't be any FURTHER from the truth.....ah...wait!" And the whole room was roaring with laughter. He corrected himself (thanks to uncle t) and said "closer! Closer!" and then tried to stop and sit down. :) But he finished it beautifully. I sure love that guy...


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