Tuesday, June 13, 2006

5K Goals

My SIL is amazing. She's incredibly humble, so she won't admit this herself, but she is amazing. She ran her first 5K in a lot of years last week and placed 1st in her division (6th overall). Then, 15 minutes later, at the request of somebody, she turned around and ran the 10K (hadn't planned on it!) and placed 1st in her division again --2nd overall. She is amazing!! She's preparing for a marathon (St. George) and so she's probably in great running health. Plus, she was a runner in high school, and so I know running is not the hardest thing for her. But still! That's so amazing! (can't think of another word, sorry!).

As I'm preparing for my 5K, I often think about how far I have come. The last time I ran anything more than 1/2 mile was ---well, Junior High School on the 8th grade track team. Yep, I was 14 years old! Now, here I am, running 3.2 miles --and actually DOING IT.

J and I ran probably 2.8 of the 3.2 miles today. It's the longest we've run on our "track/trail", and so the idea of running it without stopping is no longer a fear. Our goals for the 5K are as follows:
  • Stay together, regardless if one is slowing the other down
  • Try to run/jog the entire race without walking

We decided that this is realistic and we don't want to be focused on all the people passing us. We're not doing this to win-- we're doing it so we will know that we can do it.

Not bad for two people that haven't run for a decade or two....

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tamrobot said...

aw...thanks! Good luck with your 5K. It'll be really fun and you'll feel so good about yourself. Yay! I'm happy your running.