Friday, May 26, 2006

Weight Gain is not helping my goal, here....

I gained 1.8 pounds.

I'm not sure as to why, but here are some reasons:

1-I started running, but I didn't eat more to compensate
2-I ate too much, although they were the right foods
3-I had lost 4.4 the week before and my body is trying to compensate
4-All of the above

Who knows? But it sucks. Bad. I didn't think I would care so much, but it really bothers me. Here I have worked so hard, and for a pretty consistent amount of time, and yet I have little to show for it. Negative feelings keep trying to shove my logical thinking out the window. Because of this, I almost binged yesterday --and today. Instead, I remembered to write down all my foods (as usual) and it curbed my desires to screw up my record. How can I throw that first month away just because I had a bad week? That would be completely crazy.

So, another week has begun, and I'm going to stick hard to it. Plus, I ran an extra 100 yards this morning. My Body ROCKS!!!


tamrobot said...

I gained at least 5 pounds when I began running. Running does increase your appetite, at least with me - so that might be something. But more likely than not, you are probably building more muscle - which weighs more than fat. Well, technically it doesn't weigh more than fat - a pound of muscle is the same weight as a pound of fat - but I think you know what I mean. I would focus more on how you feel - and measuring your waistline, etc - that would probably be a better measurer than actual pounds. If you are feeling good with it, stick to it - it just might take a while until your body starts shedding actual pounds and not just inches!

Cheryl said...

You have a great way in making me feel better about myself and my attempts at this weight loss. Thank you for making me see it from a different point of view. My clothes are fitting smaller, and so that must be progress!!

Anonymous said...

Remember Cheryl that muscle DOES weighs more than fat! As you are building muscle in your body and losing the fat, you can expect to gain a little weight! That is a good thing! Keep up the hard work, have patience and you will make it to your goal!!!