Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More weight issues....but good ones!

Here we go:

  • I lost 4.2 pounds this week! Perhaps my body will continue to do this: Lose 4, gain 2. Lose 4, gain 2. I'd rather just lose 2 every week, but we'll take what we can get! (yeah, I know, that math isn't quite right...) I AM SO EXCITED!! The total has come up to 12.2 pounds so far....whoo-hoo! Only 28 to go! :)
  • I ran 1.2 miles this morning and walked the other 2. It feels so good to know that my body can do this! That I can actually run. I haven't run for so long, and what is amazing is that I'm going to be able to run 3.2 miles soon. I never thought I could do it, but I can! Thanks to "J" and all her pushing, encouragement and focus! You inspire me!
  • DH wouldn't let me have a chocolate cookie tonight. I found his secret stash, and was going to reward myself with one for losing the weight. He said "no! You can't! Have something else" and when I refused, he said "fine, have only half, okay? JUST HALF!" and I ran away with the cookie, took two bites and had to give it back to him. My stomach literally turned at the taste of all that sugar. I couldn't believe it! Thanks to DH for trying to keep me honest and thanks to my new body for knowing what's good for it and what's not good for it.
  • Oh, and I have to say thanks to my parents and my sis this last weekend for making sure that I was at least trying to keep my points down and watch what I ate. THANK YOU!

Man, it feels good to accomplish such a little thing...:)

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