Sunday, March 26, 2006

I think I need Therapy

How do I channel mis-placed anger and turn it into forgiveness and kindness?

How do I stop from yelling at my kids? Constant out-of-control yelling?

How do I stop from freaking out over small things?

How do I forgive my DH for things he doesn't even know he does?

How do I take control of my life again? It's kind of like my funk (see earlier post). But this is something that has been happening for years and years and years and I can't seem to fix any of it. The problems just keep getting bigger and more complex and I'm being pulled in a thousand directions and I can't remember where or when it all started.

I just know I need help. I want to be who I was but with all the joys of marriage and children. Is that where the problem lies? To think I can be that happy person I was? Do I need to be different?

Does anyone know a good therapist out there? Inexpensive? Hey, maybe it could just be a fabulous comment! :) Seriously, though people, I need help.

Or maybe I'm just too dramatic for my own good....


The Daring One said...

"How do I forgive my DH for things he doesn't even know he does?"

Most of Dan and my fights have occurred while he was sleeping. I tell him about them the next day.

Cheryl said...

:) Thank you for making me laugh!