Friday, January 27, 2006

Sick Kids

Sick kids ruin everything.

Not intentionally, of course, and one could argue that sick moms ruin everything, too. Oh, and sick dads. Sick pets are on the radar, but they don't ruin as much (unless said pet is vomiting on the carpet again...).

I love the cuddle time my 4 year old gives me when she's sick. I love the multiple naps my toddler has when he's sick. But that's about it. I hate the long nights, the medicine administration, the visits to the doctor, no playdates, no babysitters, no friends, and no time to myself. Oh, and I hate the exhaustion.

And then it passes from child to child, and when I'm at my lowest immune point, I get it. And my husband --usually at the same time...."Honey, please get me a kleenex.." "I can't move. " " But I need a kleenex!" "Ask the children..cough, cough...ask the children"

What I hate the most, though, is how our lives are completely put on hold for days or weeks at a time so we can get "better". In Utah, in the winter, this can last for months. I was proud of myself this time because the kids haven't been sick since Christmas!! 4 whole weeks! Whoo-hoo! And then it hit...

"Mommy, why can't I go on my school field-trip today? I don't want to be sick! I want to go to Cold-Stone with my class!"

"I promise to take you to Cold-Stone when you're all better, sweetie."

~sigh~ I think I need to go cuddle some more....

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