Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Apple Cider Debacle

Last night, in the middle of one of my piano lessons, my oldest son comes in carrying a gallon of Apple Cider.

"Mom, what's this for?"

"Oh, I bought that last week."
(I had put it in the garage fridge so the kids wouldn't find it and gulp it down in one sitting.)

"Can I...??"

"Yes, that's fine, I bought it for you guys..."

And he nodded is head, left, and I went back to teaching.

This morning, son number two exclaims, "Hey, mom! Where did the apple cider come from?!"

"Oh, that's for us, I bought it last week."

"Can I have some?"

"That's fine. Make sure you get some for your sister! But just a little bit. It'll go right through you and if you drink too much you'll all have diarrhea!" (Don't ask me how I know this.)

Later, husband, ready for work, comes into the kitchen, sees the apple cider, comes into the dining room where I was eating breakfast and says, "Why are they drinking the apple cider?"

"Oh, I bought it last week..."

"(Oldest son) was using that tonight for Scouts."


"He's in charge of bringing a drink for the activity tonight and he said that you said he could have the apple cider!"

"He never asked me that! He just asked if he could have some!"

"Well, he's expecting to use that, now, so, you might have to get more."


Murmur murmur murmur murmur

I decide that he can just take whatever is left over --the kids didn't drink very much.

Later, (maybe 30 minutes later?) baby girl and my two nieces were sitting at the kitchen island, drinking water and eating muffins. (My brother's family stayed the night last night as they pass through on their way back East.)

All of a sudden, I hear a thud/crash. I ask, "is everything okay? That wasn't anyone's head, was it?"

My niece replies, "It's all okay."

Then she comes to me and shows me a kitchen towel and asks, "can I use this?" I figure someone spilled their water, so I say, "Yes, that's fine."

Then I go into the kitchen.

There is apple cider all over the floor. Everywhere. And the plastic gallon jug is sitting on the ground while my niece attempts to mop up the mess.


I pick up the jug and there's a crack in the bottom! Cider is spilling everywhere! I put it over the sink and reach across to open a drawer and grab out a plastic pitcher. I pour the cider into the pitcher (while losing a bunch of it into the sink) and then set it down. I turn to assess the damage. I turn back to the pitcher.

The pitcher has a crack in it, too!! Now there's cider all over the counter! UGH!

I grab another pitcher and fill it. Then spend only 10 minutes (maybe less) wiping up all the mess. I mop the floor. I make sure my brother understands that his daughter was awesome for trying to clean it up and she did the best she could (it really was sweet).

And that's it.

There's no moral to this story. I'm just really annoyed at apple cider, today.

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