Friday, May 12, 2017

Super Fast Update


*I've been writing more at LDSblogs! You can find everything I've written so far right here.

*We got a new cat! His name is Luthor and we call him Louie for short (considering his name was Louie when we adopted him, that works). Walter (our other cat, whom Louie looks like, only Louie is much bigger) is not a fan quite yet. Well, actually, Walter has warmed up to him and wants to play, but Louie takes every interaction as an assault and lashes out at him, so we're at a stand-still. Which is frustrating to me because we got Louie so Walter could have a buddy!

*My kids keep growing up and they need to knock it off!

*I finally got the piano tuned and now it sounds heavenly.

*I love, love, love Spring in Kansas. Seriously, it's like heaven. Pure heaven! Maybe not the road construction part... but all the flowers, the trees, the air... so much green!

*The kids have exactly 9 days of school left. NINE.

*We went camping last weekend and it was awesome! We went to a place just 20 minutes from our house, but it was lovely. We even rented some canoes during our last day and had a great time together. Here are a few pictures:

*I swear, by Fridays, I'm so ready to be finished with all the chores and house stuff and yet this is when it gets worse... I'm gonna revamp the chore system for the summer so we can stay on top of it! (Which is what I say every time I revamp the chore system and well, we all know life is about starting over and over and over again...)

*There is nothing better than connecting musically with other people. I had the opportunity to accompany 3 kids at State Solo and Ensemble festival, and it was lovely. Last night, I accompanied one of them at the final high school orchestra concert, and I just loved it. It's been so long, dear reader, since I was accompanying on a regular basis outside of church. I've missed it.

*I have the most amazing friends on Earth. And I regret the past friendships that didn't last. I'm feeling some mourning/grief for the people who no longer like me.

*I'm trying to be more loving in my interactions. It's hard. I'm not very good at it. I fail a lot. I'm grateful for the people who give me the benefit of trying again and love me in spite of (or because of!) my shortcomings.

*Major trips this summer include: five days with Brandon in Nashville (yay!), a family trip for three family reunions (two from my side and finally, after FIVE LONG YEARS, we are returning to Brandon's annual family campout! We are so dang excited we finally get to go, again! Hooray! Here's a link about the last time we went. And what's great is they've started to switch it out every other year. So, last year it was in CA, this summer it'll be in UT --which means we can go!), and #1, our oldest, is going to Peru with her class. It's all coming so fast! Plus there's Cub Scout Day Camp, Scout Camp, Youth Conference, Girls' Camp High Adventure, and...

*I'm taking an Institute class on the Book of Revelations this summer! I'm really looking forward to it.

*I might (if it gets planned) attend my 20th High School Reunion this summer. We'll see. I'm not entirely sold on the idea, yet.

*I just spent a good chunk of my paycheck (piano lessons) on music for my studio. Lots of music! I'm so excited to have my students start learning the pieces I found.

*The End.

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