Friday, June 24, 2016

The World Turned Upside Down

This morning, after reading about Brexit (Britain just voted, in an almost 50/50 split to leave the European Union (in which, I kid you not, people were have known to have voted "leave" only to then say, "I voted leave, but I never thought that would win!" --what the heck were you thinking would happen when you cast a vote, you crazies?!?)), Brandon quoted Hamilton: "The world turned upside down..." Now, Scotland is reconsidering it's desire to leave Britain.

It's not just Britain's decision that makes the world upside down.

In Canada, they are one signature away from legalizing euthanasia. And the caveat is this: assisted suicide by any medical professional is legal, as long as they believe that's what the patient wants. I wonder how long it will be before "what the patient wants" is up for debate and the patient is killed, anyway.

So, babies can be aborted, and now the sick, elderly, and disabled can be killed at the discretion of a doctor or nurse. We kill our most innocent at the beginning of life (because it would be a burden) and then we kill the most innocent at the end of life (because they are old... and a burden) --but we also kill the most innocent in between (because they are sick, they are disabled, they are... a burden).  But instead of admitting it's because these people are burdens to us (we have to put in extra effort to care for them, after all), we say we're being "compassionate," and "kind."

It's like The Giver has come true.

We already know 1984 has come true. Electronic devices have created Big Brother, we've given the government more power than they need, and now lies are becoming truths. Our 2016 presidential candidates are the epitome of filthy dishonesty in every sense of the word. They both promise things they can't make happen, but even worse, they are promising things that will rip our country apart (even more). One does it out of fear and hate and prejudice, the other does it out of fake compassion, hypocrisy, and evasion. They both lie, manipulate, and pretend they care about our country, when in reality, they only care about themselves and being in power. I can't vote for either of them. I'm not even sure I can vote for a third party, either, at this point (I thought I could for a long time), but now I'm seeing red flags all over his politics, too.

What to do? Who to vote for?

And then we have this whole gender-neutral campaign going on. People believe that gender doesn't exist. That it's a choice based on feelings (feelings that may come and go, and that's okay, too). I understand that gender dysphoria is real, and I understand transgender people face pain and confusion. But that doesn't mean male and female has somehow ceased to exist, nor does it mean we can change our biology based on a feeling.

Then let's look at how women may be drafted into war. Selective service doesn't automatically equate a draft, but just the idea that women, who have fought valiantly for choice in this country, will now be forced to fight in a way that automatically limits them because of their biology is really, really scary! Women will be forced to fight, rather than be mothers? 

These are all big changes that can have a significant impact on my family. Am I preparing my children enough to face this world? To have real compassion, but also loads of courage to stand up for truth and reality?

Not everything is horrible. Look, we're beyond blessed right now. We have a home, we have employment, and so far, we still have our 1st amendment freedoms. We have a church we love, the ability to travel to see family, education of all kinds at our fingertips. We're not refugees having to flee war. We're not homeless. We still live in an incredible country with wonderful freedoms.

But what I worry about is how quickly all of that can change. For any of us! "There, but the grace of God, go I..." Our lives can change in an instant! War can happen at any time. Loss of employment, disease, death, etc. Any of us can have pain, any of us can become "them" and "those people." Brene Brown taught me this just yesterday:

None of us are immune, dear reader. But the greatest reality is this: death, disease, pain, mortality... all of it will end one day. All of it. None of these things will last unless we want them to. Instead, we will have peace, love, light, and truth forever. Peace doesn't come from fear; it comes from faith. Al Fox Carraway said it best, today: 

The world may be turning (turned) upside down, but it has been before. This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, and what's coming down the pipeline is insignificant compared to Who will be coming afterwards. It's true, dear reader. The pain may be powerful, but He has more power than any of it. I know this to be true. I know it is true. 

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