Thursday, November 06, 2014

Halloween (Finally!)

Halloween was a roaring success!

We had a family costume theme straight from the Wizard of Oz. #1 made all the costumes (except for mine, and #2 did most of hers):

My phone battery died just as I arrived at the Elementary school for the parade; luckily a nice mom next to me let me use her camera and she texted them to me:

Trick-or-treating went thusly: Brandon took the four boys, #1 and #2 went with different friends, and I stayed home. Because of our secluded (and spread out --every home is on an acre or so) neighborhood, I opened the door to trick-or-treaters exactly 5 times. I had bought enough candy for four times that, so... Sigh. But it was still fun! When the kids got back, we watched "Hocus Pocus" (a must!) and ate candy like crazy:

(She opted for a warmer costume in the evening!)

Saturday night was our Ward Fall Festival, and we had a wonderful time! Chilli, cornbread, and pumpkin desserts for dinner; carnival games for the kids, a costume parade, and loads of fun socializing. It was a great party!

Sunday was met with gratitude that we got an hour back (although I still think Daylight Saving Time is so dumb). It was a long day, because we hosted Bishop's Youth Devotional (that means dinner and the devotional were in our house). Because of it, we had a house full of youth and leaders, lots of good food, and I had a reason to clean it before and after. Monday morning, I woke up a very clean house and it was awesome!

How was your Halloween weekend? 

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Amanda D said...

Such cute costumes!