Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birthday Girl and Random Randomings

#2 is 11 years old!

11 on the 11th.

And she was born at 11:01AM on the 11th, of which this year she turns 11. I'm pretty sure this means it's a special day.

Go to this post where I have lots of pictures of our awesome girl. As I stated on Instagram, she's hilarious, precocious, kind-hearted, and a firecracker! We sure love her. Oh, here's a photo as I dropped her off at school (she's part of a math club that meets early on Tuesdays) and her birthday cake ("better than sex cake," although most people call it "better than anything cake," now-a-days, and I just have to tell you: it's certainly yummy, but it ain't better than sex, people! Just sayin'. And now forgive me for even mentioning that in a post about my daughter's birthday. Yikes!):

And here's two baby photos! Not really sure I like all this growing up around here...


There's a huge storm supposedly headed our way tomorrow night. I'm hoping it turns out to be less than they have predicted, but they've been spot on with forecasts all winter thus far (although there was some worry about Sunday's storm, but it turned out to be just a dusting. So, who knows).

We're prepared, I think. Wood, water, food that doesn't have to be cooked, and we might get a generator today (then we can flush toilets! Huzzah!).

We have two birthday parties this Saturday. #4's was postponed due to last week's storm. I hope my kids are understandable and not sad if we end up having to postpone again! Our Relief Society presidency (they've included me, since I'm the activity leader) is also feeding 100 missionaries lunch this Friday, and so I'm praying that can still happen (they're having a huge multi-zone conference). I was really looking forward to that! We love the missionaries.

Speaking of which, the Elders ate with us last night. We also invited over our neighbors/friends and we had a great time! I love that the missionaries are such a big part of our lives, here. We feed the Sisters and Elders at least once a month (usually twice) and our kids just love them.


I love Valentine's Day. I'm actually excited to share some posts about it. I guess if I don't have electricity, then I won't, but if I do, then I will! If you've read this blog long enough, you'll know how much I love V-Day. If not, look at my archives. It won't be hard to spot all the love posts!


The psychiatrist place I called was dumb. They won't let you see the psychiatrist until you've met with a therapist for a long time. Wha?! And even if they felt I should see a psychiatrist sooner, I'd have to wait at least a month. 

Back to the search. 

Meanwhile, I'm doing okay. Keeping myself busy, pushing my thoughts outside of myself. Trying to serve as much as I can. Having people over for dinner last night was brilliant because it made me focus on cleaning and cooking and spending time with people I like. Once upon a time I thought that I could keep my depression at bay just by being busy, but I learned that I can't do that for too long. Exhaustion sets in if I do, and it makes my crashes that much harder and longer. But doing it in moderation helps. So, it's been good that we've had church things and birthdays to think about. 

Now if I can re-focus some of that busy and serving thinking towards my children and my husband. Heaven knows they deserve it (and my best self)...


sariqd said...

Happy birthday to the 11yo! How exciting! And yeah, I don't get the whole "better than sex" cake deal... they must be doing it wrong if a cake wins out. Anyway!

Excuse my naivete - but why would you need a generator to flush? We grew up with filling the tubs with water and then keeping a pitcher in it and after you did your biz, you scooped a pitcherful of water and poured it in the bowl and voila - flushed.

Anyway - good luck!!!

Cheryl said...

I actually grew up with well water and luckily, we had a hot tub and we used that water to flush toilets. But what we have here isn't just a septic tank --it's a grinder pump that the owners installed to then push all of the waste out to the main sewer line that they put in about 12 years ago. Apparently the tank is very small, but when the grinder pump has electricity and is working, it's not a problem. Still scratching my head as to why they didn't just hook it up to the sewer, but I'm positive there are reasons (gazillions and gazillions of trees might be one of them).

So, the water isn't the issue --it's the waste piling up in our yard. ;)

cheryl cardall said...

Look for Elder Dial, my nephew at the zone conference (not sure if he will be there or not, but he's serving somewhat close to you)