Monday, January 06, 2014

Random, Random. And This is My 1,634th Post!

So, Brandon and I started watching the 2005 series of Doctor Who because we wanted to understand all the hype. I kind of tolerated the first few episodes (mostly because I didn't like Billie Piper in Mansfield Park) and now I can honestly say that I'm a fan. Totally hooked! We have so many years to watch, and I'm actually looking forward to it.


The health contest/group thing I'm a part of started today and runs for 30 days. I get a point each day for:
*sleeping 7 hours
*reading scriptures
*drinking 8 glasses of H2O
*No soda
*No sugar/white flour
*Exercising 30 minutes
*5 cups fruits/veggies
*no food after 8PM
*eating at the table together as a family
And other things (like reporting weight, before/after photos, etc.)

So far, I'm rocking it! Of course, it's day one, but, but, but -- we have a whole tray of leftover cookies from last night's youth devotional, and I haven't touched one. Not one! Not even tempted! So, I call this a WIN. It helps that Brandon is doing it with me, too. We can help each other!


So, I finally got to Whole Foods! It's only 7 minutes away and I'm in heaven that it's so close. I went and stocked up on good herbal teas, greens, fruit, and essential oils. The whole store smells divine and the workers are so nice. Even better was the cart collector guy! I had parked fairly far away (remember, I'm driving Bison) and it was raining. As I approached the van, the worker, with an umbrella, approached and asked if he could take my cart for me when I was finished with it. Then, when I declined his help (because it wasn't much) he covered my son with his umbrella, and chatted with me about Bison before taking my cart. He was so nice!

I'll be going back, soon.


When we sold our stationary bike in UT, all my hand weights ended up going with it. Today, the weights I ordered from came! Hooray!


#5 started preschool this morning, got a black eye after falling on a table there, and declared that he "really likes preschool." The head teacher was mortified about his eye when she brought him to my car after school, but it's not too bad. He's a trooper!

It was really nice to take #6 alone with me on my errands while #5 was at school. We don't get a lot of alone time, and I'm hoping this might curb his need to come into bed with us at 2AM every morning...


I read this today and I loved it. It inspired me to kick up my homemaking a notch... to at least find joy in it a little more, to put forth a better effort.


So, yesterday church was delayed. We usually go to church at 10AM and get out at 1PM, but we had icy rain all morning, so they delayed it until 2PM and it was Sacrament Meeting only. It ended up being a fantastic experience. Fast and Testimony meeting isn't always my favorite, but this time it was fantastic. I felt inspired to share my testimony and the whole meeting was just beautiful. I feel blessed to live among such faithful people! We're isolated from each other during the week, but when we come together on Sundays, it really is like coming home.


The weather is so funny here! Remember our snow before Christmas? It was gone by Christmas. Then it came back last week. Well, it's gone again. Beautiful and green today, lots of rain. We had the most ethereal (okay, it was creepy) fog all night which melted the snow, too.


I think that's all. I know I have more thoughts and blog posts coming... and photos of our dining room... but I need to clean house, so au revoir, dear reader! Hope your day is a happy one.

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That health contest sounds cool....maybe a little competition would help me stay motivated. Hmm...