Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Reasons to Love PA

Random things I adore about where I am living: 

Canadian Geese (Wawa) everywhere. They honk as they fly in their V formations over the house, they land collectively in fields and on ponds/lakes. 

Deer tracks in the snow! Due to them, we know where they go each night and which bushes they are eating from the most. 

Stone churches. They look like this one (which is just around the corner from my house) although some are older: 

(Bethlehem Methodist Church)

Stillness each day. Utter, complete quiet. No visitors, no rushing cars whizzing past. Just the sounds of the furnace, the geese, and occasionally the wind. Once in a while a plane... (Okay, it's also interrupted by screaming children and fighting siblings, but still...) 

Oldness. Old, oldness. In our village is the longest running United States Postal Office. It has been running out of that same exact spot since 1872. Homes with barns that were built from stone. Fields that were plowed before our country became a country. 

(Oldest continual running post office in the country)

(A home/barn/land for sale I drive by on the way to the kids' elementary school)

(Sunflower fields are very common around here)

Not one rude comment on the size of my family. Not one. I have heard only two things when I'm asked how many children I have and I answer sincerely:
"God bless you!" 
"That's wonderful!"

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You just keep giving me more reasons to run away from home for a visit with you!!