Friday, December 06, 2013

Photos of the House (with Christmas!)

Photos of our house with furniture in it! And all kinds of Christmas decorations! I'll take photos of the bedrooms after chore day (seriously, it's sad) and photos of the master bedroom after I get pictures hung up in there. For now, enjoy the bottom floor (minus the unpacked office/guest room and the empty dining room (Christmas gift to us will be a new Amish-made dining room table and I can. not. wait!)).

Also, the little boys and I spent the afternoon yesterday exploring our backyard some more. It was around 55 degrees and really foggy, and so we decided to get out of the house for some adventures!

Unfortunately, all of the photos uploaded in alphabetical order, so it doesn't show room by room...

By the way, the library is my favorite room! I'm still not sure why the kids don't just let me sit in there in peace and read for days on end. It's so weird.


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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, that is a huge backyard! Love the fun Christmas decor :)