Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy 37th Birthday to the Love of My Life!

Happy Birthday, Brandon! He's 37 years young today! Last year, I wrote 36 random facts about him. Today, I'm going to write 37 reasons why I adore my husband! And love him. And like him. And am grateful he's with me for eternity.

1. He can make fires. Campfires, fireplace fires, you know --fires.
2. He's brilliant. Seriously one of the smartest people I know.
3. Under his confident shell he's a softie.
4. He looks pretty nice in jeans. And a suit. Okay, he looks good in everything he wears!

5. He fulfills his church callings willingly.
6. He doesn't pander to my desire to wallow in self-pity and encourages me to be a better person.
7. Brandon changes diapers without complaint.
8. He also gets up in the night to help with kids without complaint.
9. He takes me out on a date nearly every week.

10. He loves to travel as much as I do!
11. He forgives me so easily.
12. I really appreciate that, a lot, because I don't mean to be rude or mean...
13. He has the most amazing blue eyes!
14. He loves to laugh with the kids (and me) and the best times are when he laughs loudly or so much until he cries.
15. He's really sensitive and kind to animals.
16. He isn't afraid of who he is, and he isn't afraid of standing up for his beliefs.
17. But he's so respectful of people! He's such a good friend that way.
18. He sets goals and accomplishes them.
19. Like when he wanted to get into the best business school in the country (world?!) and so he did. (Wharton --UPenn)
20. His hugs make me feel safe.
21. He truly wants me to be happy and will go out of his way to help that happen.
22. Which is impressive, since I suffer from mental depression and so being happy is sometimes hard.
23. He is comfortable in many situations and with all kinds of people, such as: city and country, posh hotel and small hostel, fancy restaurant and little campfire on the beach.

24. He loves so many kinds of food and is willing to try almost anything!
25. He's a fantastic cook.
26. Brandon is good at pretty much everything he tries --if he wants to be.
27. Like playing the piano or guitar, bike riding, video games, camping, sewing, cooking, home repair, scuba diving, swimming, school, sports, etc.
28. He's humble, too, so he won't like what I just said in #27, nor this entire post!
29. He's a great kisser!
30. Brandon thinks of others often. He goes out of his way to make sure people are doing well and know that he cares.
31. He works really hard so I can stay home with the kids.
32. He never makes me feel that what I do is somehow anything less than what he does. In fact, the goal when we got married was that if we were blessed with children, I would stay home to raise them. I'm so grateful I can!
33. He has great taste in movies, television, and music.
34. He's a nerd at heart (like me!).

35. I love how much he loves BYU and BYU football, specifically. It's been contagious and we enjoy it as a family, now!
36. He likes to plan and take me on vacations/trips without kids, at least once a year.
37. He loves me.

And a million other reasons, too!

Happy Birthday, Brandon! I love you! 


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Brandon!

You really love your husband. I decided after SD's thirty-fourth birthday that I couldn't think of that many things to say about him. :)

Cheryl said...