Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Starts Early!

We just came from a fabulous family Halloween party which was given by our good friends, Gina and Pete. It was so much fun! Tons of food, games, people, kids, parents, costumes --the works. We had a blast!

Costume breakdown:

I was a witch:

Brandon was a nerd (you can't see it, but he had toilet paper under his foot, too... it was hilarious!):

 #1 was a BYU zombie ("She's a die-hard fan."):

#2, the clown:

#3 decided to be something totally random. His words: "A big, fat, pink man." Umm... okaaaayyyy... :

#4 was Haribrine (spelling???). Some character off of Minecraft:

#5 chose to be a "punkin!":

#6 was the cutest little Dalmatian puppy! Brandon said "he has the puppy-dog eyes down cold," and it's true! :

The Ward trunk-or-treat is Wednesday night, and I don't think I'll be as dressed up. Thursday, for Halloween, I'll send Brandon and his dad around with the kids to trick-or-treat --I'll stay home and pass out candy.

I swear, every year I get excited about doing some epic costume or family-themed costumes, but then I bail. Every year! This year I've got an excuse (moving and all), but I'm starting to think about next year... Hmm... It's not my most favorite holiday, but I do enjoy it. Especially when we have parties like we did tonight!

What are you dressing as for Halloween? What about your kids? 


Amanda D said...

Great costumes! I am not crazy about Halloween but I try to fake it for the kids that love it. Just two of ours are dressing up this year - a pirate and a Darth Vader.

I'm so sad that I am not going to see you before you move away. Will you be back to Utah to visit or will Idaho be your destination when you come west? Good luck this weekend!

Julie said...

I think we missed the family dress up phase here- my kids have too many ideas of their own for what they'd like to be. But I agree about the epic costume part - I always think I'll do something amazing and end up throwing together something last minute instead. One of these days. :)