Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Focusing on the Good After Screaming Like a Banshee

Remember how when it rains, it monsoons?

Holy cow, people. This has been a rough couple of days. The movers/packers come in one week and I'm behind on the purging/organizing. Why? Because my toddler is sick. And he got me sick. And the toddler won't sleep at night and wakes up every 20 minutes to 2 hours (for the last three nights), and so I get very little sleep. Which means I'm not getting better (simply getting worse). I also can't catch up on sleep because I'm single parenting (Brandon is already working in PA, remember?) and did I mention the toddler won't sleep very long? So, I'm trying to organize and plan for the move, I'm trying to parent my six kids while sick (why do they insist on eating every single day!?), my sweet hubby is not here, I'm sort of attempting to sell the house (I gave up last week), and to top it off, Aunt Flo (i.e. my period) has come to visit this week as well.

*insert frustrated primal scream here*

BUT! I want to focus on the good things. So, I shall. (This is part of how I can kick depression out the door before he takes up residence.)

First! I have the most amazing and loving friends and family who truly care about me. People bring us dinner, run errands for me, pick up my kids and take them to various places, and call/write/text to check up on me. I truly appreciate it! If you have done these things for me and I haven't thanked you personally, yet, I'm sorry! Because I REALLY want to thank you. It means the world to me.

Second! Because of the timing of the move, my children still love me. They will get to go to all of their Halloween parties and celebrate the holiday at school. Also, we will get to see most of my immediate family at my nephew's Baptism on the day we leave. This makes my heart happy! I'm not sure when I'll get to see them all again, and so this is comforting.

Third! I have the luxury, because I'm a SAHM, to sit in my pajamas for three days without taking a shower if needed (not that I'm doing that. Ahem). It's nice to be allowed the flexibility to be all gross in the name of motherhood! I think.

Fourth! I'm moving to Pennsylvania next week! Next week! So, even if stuff doesn't get finished in the way I would like it to get finished, it will be okay. Our stuff will get there, we'll get there, and it'll all work out. This sickness will dissipate, Aunt Flo will go away for another month, my kids will adapt and be okay, our house will eventually sell (or we'll rent it out), and all the details will come together. Time has a strange and beautiful way of making things right. Another blessing from Heavenly Father!

What are some good things you can focus on today? 

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Great job kicking the stressful thoughts out the door. :)