Sunday, May 12, 2013

So Much Talk About Mothering

I was asked to write another short post this week on motherhood. Of course, I had to say, yes! Can't help it! I love it. It's my life. Here's the link. I hope you like it! (I promise it's short --less than 400 words.)


I've had such a great week. Ups and downs, but mostly ups. Here are the highlights:

*A wonderful much-needed GNO with some girlfriends (chocolate, talking for hours, and book shopping. Seriously, what could be better?).

*Brandon coming home from travel (that's always a great thing) and taking me out for Indian food.

*Taking #1 to get her ears pierced! The rule we established in our family was 12 years old. She needed to wait until soccer season was over, so yesterday, we did it. She didn't even flinch!

*Getting the chores done with enough time so we could go hiking.

*Hiking the "G" in Pleasant Grove! Here's photographic evidence:




 *Mother's Day: breakfast in bed, delightful home-made gifts, time to read, loveliness at church, chocolate in Relief Society, artichokes and yellow curry for dinner, lots of service from the family.

Yes, there were downs. But we're ignoring them because they aren't as important (and only show me being whiny, eh?).


I love being a mother, dear reader. I do. I love all of it --even the hard, frustrating, difficult parts of it. I love being a mother to many. I feel humbled that Heavenly Father has not only asked us to have children, but that he has asked us to have many more than I thought I could handle, and many more than I thought I would want.

I make so many mistakes (surprise, surprise), but I feel grateful for repentance and forgiveness and all the times I do something right. I love that my husband is my partner and loves his children as much as I do and that he's willing to be a father of many. It isn't easy to provide for a large family, but he does it, and he does it willingly. Sometimes I'm not sure how I was so blessed.

So, I just want to say (as this Mother's Day comes to a close), that I'm feeling profoundly humbled and grateful for all the beautiful children who have graced our home.

I love being their mother.

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Amber said...

You amaze me. Someday I hope the feel the joy that you do.