Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Catch Up

I have a million pictures to share with you. Things like #1's Sixth Grade Graduation, our camping trip, #2's field trip, #1's Hope of America award in school today, #2's dance concert, and others...

But I don't feel like uploading them. Not right now.

We're going on a quick trip to California this weekend; last weekend we went camping! Today was the last day of school --so you can imagine, dear reader, the stress and anxiety that I've experienced throughout these last few weeks. It's been crazy, that's for sure!


1. #3's third grade teacher --the one that has been an amazing support to him with his IEP (due to his Misophonia) and has helped him thrive academically --was diagnosed with leukemia. It was really bad when they discovered it and she was immediately started on chemo. Luckily her brother is a bone marrow match. But we're praying she'll get through it! She's young (early 30's?). Yesterday, when #3 brought his yearbook home, I looked at his class page and saw that he had written "I miss you" and had it pointing to his teacher's picture (she's been gone the last 2-3 weeks). It broke my heart. I know he loves her so much. 

2. #1 graduated from sixth grade and received the Quest for Excellence award! That means she did extra service, kept up good attendance and pretty much straight A's, wrote extra essays and participated in school events (like the spelling bee and science fair). 
Then this morning, we got a frantic phone call --she was getting the Hope of America award from the local Kiwanis club! They picked 7 Sixth graders to win this award (they do it each year) and it was a complete surprise. The frantic call was because they forgot to tell the parents! But Brandon and I scrambled to get ourselves and the little boys ready and made it to the 9AM assembly (without a minute to spare). When #1 was called up, she was shocked! Her teacher had written a few paragraphs about why she deserved the award, and they had us stand up in front of everyone with her. It was one of those moments when you feel so grateful that everyone else knows your child is just as amazing as you always knew. So proud of her! 
She starts 7th grade in the Fall. So crazy! 

3. Speaking of crazy, I realized today that next year we will have a 7th grader, a 5th grader, a 4th grader, a 1st grader, and a preschooler. And then the baby. I read this post by Cheryl (just realized it might be private) about how time simply passes. How colicky babies get better. Infants grow up. Kindergartners become 14 year olds in the blink of an eye. She learned that if things are hard? It's okay. It passes. If things are easy? Enjoy them because they pass. Time always slips away... steady, slowly... but quickly in perspective... 

4. My husband is an incredible example when it comes to forgiveness. Case in point --the awesomeness of #1's award this morning meant I was at my worst. I was panicked and freaked out that we wouldn't make it on time. I was yelling and freaking out and then when we were sitting in the assembly, all of it done, I reached over, touched his shoulder so he would look at me and I said, quietly, "I'm sorry." And then he laughed. Laughed and laughed (quietly, of course, we were in public!) and I smiled. I smiled because his laugh meant: "I know, and you are so hilarious when you freak out. Because you don't have to freak out. We always make it on time and we'd do it without your freaking out. But I love you because you still know it's wrong and you always apologize and try to make it right. And I love you for your crazy ways." Yep. That's what his laugh and smile said to me. And I love him. 

5. Ask me how long it's been since I met my husband, dear reader. Fifteen years. I have known my husband for fifteen years. We went on our first date nearly fifteen years ago, and next January will be our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Isn't that insane? Fifteen years seems so... close to twenty. So... neat and mathematical for some reason. Good news: I would do it all over again in a moment.

6. I made my kids work hard for a few hours after school (the last day!) got out today, and now I'm letting them do whatever they want. Tv on? Sure. Play with friends? Awesome. Computer games? My pleasure. They better not get used to it, though! We've got some awesome learning and working to do this summer.

That's all. Next time (probably next week?) I'll show you all the pictures of our amazing May adventures! I know you're waiting on bated breath... 


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the shout out, that blog isn't private it's only my poor neglected family blog that's private :) Congrats to your amazing #1! The end of the year is always crazy, but fun!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for spelling it "bated breath." "Baited breath" is so unappealing.

I felt old when I realized I no longer had kids in junior Primary. And now I feel old again realizing that my oldest will be 18 in three short years.