Thursday, March 07, 2013

Where I Write About Viral Media and Breastfeeding

Recently, there was an online call to protest and flood Church headquarters with letters because a YW leader was being released from her calling for nursing publicly in church and refusing to nurse privately. There was also a claim that she might lose her temple recommend and that the Stake President even agreed with this. 

Now, dear reader, you know I'm a huge fan of public nursing. I nurse in Sacrament Meeting! But something was fishy about this. Not only would this be downright WRONG for a Priesthood leader to threaten (taking away a temple recommend? Really?), but it was coming from a place I've never trusted in the first place. 

Turns out it wasn't completely true. Oh, yes, she was nursing in public (in front of the young women). Oh, yes, she was asked to stop (by irate members who went to the Bishop). But that's where the truth stopped. 

Read about it today at Real Intent. And then read the other posts on breastfeeding. It's time we educated our children and eradicated the shame of nursing, but while doing so, we need to get our facts straight, eh? Especially online!


Raisin4Cookies said...

Thanks for the heads up. It's a shame that the story spiraled out of control. I was talking to my husband about this, and we both were stunned at the notion that it could be true. Glad that it wasn't.

Cheryl said...

Things blown out of proportion by people who want to see the worst in priesthood leadership.

dh said...

Irate members who went to the Bishop because a YW leader was nursing in the presence of YW...

WOW. Just. Wow. Isn't part of the purpose of YW to prepare them to be mothers? Where is the offense in that? It wasn't like the leader was birthing a baby!

Something that I've felt for a while is that people tend to view breasts as sexual play objects and nothing else. LAME because they function as a means of nurturing the child which is NOT at all a sexy thing. I'm astonished and hope that this mother is not scarred from the experience and that she won't be discouraged or reluctant to serve in Church capacities in the future. :( Sad day.

Cheryl said...

Dude. Lay off. You are talking to a woman who nurses in front of everybody and everywhere. This wasn't about the idiotic complainers! It was about a bunch of extreme liberal feminists who took it upon themselves to lie about the issue and promote anger simply to pass their own twisted agenda. Trust me, I am pro breast feeding and always will be. But I also don't agree with protests against the Church, let alone protests founded upon lies and deceit.