Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Monday. But I'm Not Sad.

I have many problems, this is true. I also have many strengths. But it's frustrating when people overlook all of my strengths and only see my weaknesses.

Says the pot to the kettle. Or kettle to the pot. Whichever. 

I've been thinking lately on how much I've done this. How I've judged people based on a few things they do wrong instead of on all the things they do right. 

The worst of it was this weekend. I was so angry at someone (even justifiably so) and I allowed my thoughts to just keep on going down the "this is what they do wrong!!" track and it kept going and going and going... and then it stopped. Why? Because I was in Church. 

Not kidding. 

I was in Church, where I was supposed to be, and I was taking the Sacrament. I was thinking all of those thoughts with pure red-hot anger in my heart, and then I stopped. My heart began to break. The Spirit whispered, "are you sure? Is this what you want to feel?" and then I backed up the train of thoughts and started down another path. I began to list all of the things that the person did RIGHT and I kept going and going and going... until I realized that the good outweighed the bad so much that there was no point in thinking about the wrongs anymore. The Spirit filled my soul and I forgave and I moved on. It was wonderful. Even more so was the fact that I was able to apologize to this person and there was nothing but love and forgiveness in return. 

But how many times have I done this to people who can't even defend their actions? I preach to others about exercising charity and giving the benefit of the doubt, but do I really do it? 

I think this might be my hardest obstacle to overcome. Gratefully, I won't have to do it alone.

(The answer is Jesus. In case you were wondering who would overcome it with me. ;) )

So, my daugher just registered for 7th grade. Junior High School. SEVENTH. GRADE! When did this growing up thing happen? How did I become the mother of a junior high kid? 

She's so cute because she's soooo nervous. Excited, but nervous. Like me, she wants to know all the details and what she's getting herself into so she can plan everything. It was funny to hear her talking about how she would get to school and asking questions about lockers. 

I lost one pound! Woot-woot! 


I got an email from an old friend. No, she's not "old" just one of my former, but not really former becuase we're still friends, but we haven't seen or spoken in over a decade, but still... anyway, I got an email from an "old" friend the other day and it was awesome. It's so nice to catch up with people and to hear what they are doing in their lives. 

Makes me home sick and long to catch up with everyone from my hometown.


Finally saw "The Hobbit" in the theater (dollar theater, baby!) with Brandon and we both liked it. I really liked it, and the truth is I'm sure it's because I haven't read it (gasp! I know, right?!). I heard a lot of people were disappointed because it wasn't true to the book or whatever, and I can understand that, but now I'm glad I was able to just enjoy it.

Funny anecdote: Bythelbs told me that she was confused as to why she was attracted to the Dwarf King (Thorin) while watching it, but then she realized it was Richard Armitage (a.k.a. Mr. Thornton from North & South)! So, when I went to it, I knew there was a chance I would also find the Dwarf King attractive. And I did. And it was funny. But also enjoyable (in a very chaste way, of course!).

Fun photo from yesterday:


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Thanks for sharing the anger/forgiveness story...I just needed that.

And yeah, my #1 just registered for 7th grade too. Eek!

I totally just Googled Dwarf King (Thorin) and yes, I can see what you mean. :)

I Mustache you a do you handle such cutie kids?! LOL!

Julie P said...


Cheryl said...

MOTWB, I totally LOL'd at your last comment. :)

Happy MONDAY to you, Julie!