Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello, Gorgeous Thursday!

Moment this morning: I was brushing #2's hair into pigtails (per her request), #1 was practicing the piano (Beethoven! She's getting so good!), #3 was finding his shoes, #4 was getting dressed, #5 was asking me questions, and #6 was rolling toys down the hallway.

Pure heaven.


Family issues are hard. Very hard. I won't get into it, but sufficeth to say, family issues are hard.

Aaaaand my husband is my hero. A rock. Truly one of the best men that has ever lived. He is charity personified and I feel blessed to have him as my eternal companion! Seriously, I'm getting all emotional as I write this. I truly love him so. very. much.


Happy Pie Day! Or Pi day. Whichever is the most accurate. #1 is having a pie party in math class today, so I dropped off a pie. Homemade? Yeah, right! Who do you think I am? It's totally store-bought and loaded with chemicals that will probably kill all their brain cells. Because it's processed. You know. Made with ingredients that didn't exist 50 years ago. Sigh, sigh.

I picked up a few poison pies for us, too. Might as well. It's not like I'll actually make any, you know?


It's that time of year (again. Because it's been at least 3 months since the last time!) when I want to move to a colony and start my own hippy life! I hate GMO's, the FDA, and my food addictions. Good news: this fire lit under me (wanting to be a hippy) means my garden will probably get planted this year. *fingers crossed

I'm exercising now (hour of walking --with stairs! --and riding a mile or so on my bike to pick up #4 each day) and I feel the desire to make green smoothies again. No promises!

I lost 2 pounds this week! Then I gained them back. Hmph.


Trying to decide what to do for the kids' Spring Break. I have many options:

1. Stay home
2. Go somewhere else.
3. Stay home

Hmmm. Reasons to stay home:
1. My aunt/uncle/cousins will be down from Canada and staying with my sister.
2. My grandmother might be at my parent's house, and that's probably the only place I'd go, and grandma is wonderful and I love her, but she is very old and doesn't do well with little kids underfoot, anymore. She wouldn't be able to enjoy her trip and I'd be all stressed out.
3. We could organize the house! Woot-woot!
4. Stay-cation?
5. Brandon has a mission reunion, but it's not until the Friday, so we could go somewhere and then be back in time, though...

Reasons to leave:
1. I'm itching to take the kids to Idaho again.
2. I want to see some friends.
3. Brandon might be away on business that week, anyway.
4. It's fun?

What are you doing for Spring Break? Do you ever do anything?


Mary said...

Out here we are a 4 day school week. So never school on Fridays. Which is nice because my hubbie has every other Friday off. So it's always fun to spend an extra day as a family.
So, our Spring break consists of no school on a Thursday and no school on the following Monday. It's hard to go anywhere because of church callings. Do/can we really miss church that Sunday. Anyway, we just usually spend the days off doing life as normal. Dance, piano, running errands, etc. But if the weather is nice we also spend the days off having picnics, riding bikes, going for walks, and just enjoying the warm sunshine! If there is warm sunshine. You never know in Idaho...
Anyhoo, that's what we do!
P.S. I totally would join your colony!

sariqd said...

Family issues are hard - yes.

Glad you're getting out and about. That is awesome! And personal opinion? Get rid of the scale. Puts one at such an emotional roller-coaster and who needs that? Go by the fit of your clothes, the amount of energy you have, how you sleep at night, your strength.

We're winding up our Spring Break and it's been fun and stressful. We decided to be tourists in our town and that has been fun and nice in that we can crash in our own beds at night.

And - finally, I love that you are so in love with your husband. Makes me smile every time I read about your relationship with him or things he does. Beautiful.

FoxyJ said...

The pro/con of being a working parent is that I have to figure out what to do with my kids during spring break and other holiday breaks. Their dad is taking off part of their break and they'll spend time with him, and then I'm taking off the Thursday and Friday. This year I decided to take them to Vegas to visit my parents. The kids and my parents are super excited; I'm beginning to wonder why I thought going on a road trip by myself with three kids was a good idea. Hopefully we'll all be sane at the end. I often get the itch to go on trips during breaks, but sometimes it's nice to stay home, chill out, and just do things around the house or do some local touristing.