Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I made the mistake of going to Facebook to see all of my birthday greetings last week. Because of it, I was reeled in again and now I find myself checking FB again periodically. I'm not posting much, nor am I really commenting, but... I need to back off! Because today I updated my photo and cover photo and started commenting and... slippery slope, people! Slippery slope! I know I'll go back again, but this is too soon.


After a year of no sleep, I'm finally sleeping through the night! I truly have not had a good night's sleep since November of 2011. And now, here it is, March of 2013, and I'm sleeping all night! Sleeping well! Dreaming, waking fairly rested, etc. 

Because of it, I've started something crazy: exercise. In the morning! (Insert audible gasp here.)

Another gasp-inducing tidbit: I've ridden my bike to pick up #4 from school two days in a row. In a row! Yes, you may applaud.


Turns out a mouse was living in our heating vent in our van. How gross is that!? Guess how many hours I spent cleaning out the van (after Brandon brought it back from the dealership)? Three. There were no signs of mice in the actual van part, but I wasn't gonna risk it! Nasty, nasty, heebeejeebies. *shudder


Amazing links I've loved these last few days:

Mountains to Climb

CES Fireside with Sister and Elder Bednar

This awesome post about following current prophets and not made-up future ones (seriously, so good).

Hilarious video about trust falls (seriously, I laughed so hard!)


I'm a glutton for punishment. How, you might ask? I signed up the four oldest for soccer again. Blerg. Chaos ensues the end off this month. Because I simply can't enjoy our carefree days, dear reader --I need to make myself crazy.

I mean, it's funny because the truth is that there aren't that many things going on. The older three kids have piano lessons (#4 will probably start this Fall) and they all have Activity Days and Cub Scouts on the same day at the same time. That means there are only two days when we have stuff. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy! Sure, come the end of April #1 will switch from Activity Days to Young Women's, but that's an evening activity. Soccer shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, you have to understand (as you might already if you've read this blog long enough) that soccer for four kids means 6-8 practices a week and 8 games a week. Enough said, eh? And yet the kids adore it. They love soccer. I love that it's local, through the city, and cheap. So, I just need to brace myself, smile, cheer them on, and enjoy the season. And I shall... try. Really hard!

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