Friday, January 11, 2013

Plagues and the Kids Who Bring Them Home

I started writing this two days ago. I'll add updates throughout so I don't have to rewrite the whole thing. 

Hello, dear reader. It's been on of those weeks where re-reading my post on mothering (see previous post) was good for my soul, since I'm flying solo (Brandon is traveling for work), two kids are sick (I think it's colds, but it could be the plague, who knows) -- *update: took baby to the doctor this morning because I was convinced he had pertussis. Turns out it's not, and probably just RSV. Yay? But he is actually in the mild section of sickness, so it's "observe and report" all weekend --and school is back is full swing, meaning I have to deal with homework, projects, fine arts concerts, and more.

I've tried not to complain about the fact that the baby still won't sleep at night in order to head off any more advice about how to get him to sleep (trust me, I already know what to do), but I'm going to complain anyway. It's been a hard week, and baby is up nearly every 2 hours, and now that he's sick? He's just in bed with me. Needless to say, I'm beyond exhausted. But I keep plugging along, because what else can I do? I don't resent the poor baby or the kids for their neediness --it's what they are supposed to do (need me) and I don't resent Brandon traveling for work (in fact, each night when I talk with him I learn that he's been pulling 16-18 hour days of straight working, so it's not like he's on vacation or anything), nor do I resent my job (being a mother and supportive wife), I'm just tired. Plain and simple. *update: it's now been 48 hours of pretty much non-sleep. I get some here and there, but you understand. 

Updates on my kiddos:

#1: She's been doing "Quest for Excellence" this year. All 6th grade students can attempt to get it, but apparently it's really hard. Besides maintaining a pretty perfect GPA, they have to do all kinds of service projects and outside stuff (like the Science Fair). Yesterday she came to me and said that she doesn't think her GPA will be good enough to get it. We talked at length and she's decided she's still going to try and get it, but if she doesn't, it's okay. I told her if she goes for it and does her best, but doesn't quite get it, I'll take her out to celebrate, anyway. I won't complain to the teachers about it (I'm not that mom. In fact, I think kids are rewarded FAR too much these days), but I can still reward her hard work.

#2: She's been working all year in her musical theater class for her production today. It's a Broadway Review. I'm excited to see it and I hope they do well. It's just a couple dozen 4th-6th graders at the school. (Side note: We are amazingly blessed that our kids go to an elementary school that includes Fine Arts. Musical theater, choir, band, orchestra, dance, drama, art, yearbook... they have so many great options!) *Update: I went to the performance and it was fantastic! I was really impressed. #2 had a narrative part and did superb. 

#3: He has been doing really well! His reading and math is amazing. We're just working on writing right now. His new favorite books are The Hardy Boys (we got him the first 5 books for Christmas). His misophonia? Awesome. Truth be told, he's doing great. He's learning how to ask politely and respectfully for people to stop chewing loudly or with their mouths open, he's learning how to say, "could you please not sniff?" instead of screaming. Dinner time is fun again! He'll get his headphones right away instead of getting angry. Truth: When he is rested, well-fed, and happy, misophonia is easier to handle. But as my sister told me yesterday, isn't that true for everyone about everything?

#4: He's doing okay --having a hard time with obedience and being helpful. He hates chores in any form and being told what to do about anything. But it's to be expected at this age, I think. He loves Kindergarten, so that's good! He's extremely helpful with #6.

#5: He needs friends. Truly, I need to start being more social during the day so he can be more social. Poor kid only sees friends on Sundays, usually! Potty training is a nightmare. I haven't really tried for a few months because he's pretty much incapable. People may disagree, but I'm telling you, the kid just doesn't get it, yet. It's frustrating, especially since now he's a Sunbeam (Church) and 3 1/2. Ah, well. He won't be in diapers forever! Right??

#6: Adorable. Nearly walking. Needs to sleep at night. Finally loves solid foods. I still can't believe it's been almost a year since he was born! *update: now if he could just get better, poor guy!

Recent stuff that makes me happy:

*Wonderful friends (and my sister!) who came to see me.
*Books I'm reading: "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell and "Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch" by Sally Bedell Smith
*Thinking about our wedding anniversary coming up next week. Fourteen years, baby!


Amanda D said...

I love to read the updates of the kids and am glad to hear the good things with the older three kids. I am sorry the the kindergartener is being stubborn. You'll survive!

As for baby, I'm sorry people keep offering you unsolicited advice. He'll eventually sleep, right? He'll feel better and you will sleep too.

Happy anniversary!

Becca R said...

You're the best. You know why.

By the way, things have been better since I visited you. Rocky, but better - we talked a LOT, and, well, other than a few rough spots, I think we did well. I'm afraid it won't last, and that there will be another explosion, but I am trying to have faith and just ... well, have faith ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Hang in there, love. I hope you get some sleep soon. And btw, I always look at potty-training in relation to loosing baby teeth: you can't force it to happen, it happens when it is meant to happen. And that time is different for each kid!