Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mother's Work is Never Finished

List of things I did yesterday (that I can remember):

*slept in because of trying to sleep-train baby and missed scriptures and felt guilty husband didn't wake me up, but not really because I was soooo tired.
*Got kids ready for school
*Drove kids to school because of massive snow
*Called school to explain #1's absence (crazy cough that could have been pertussis)
*Did dishes, changed poopy diapers, nursed baby
*ordered photos for #1 and #2's Science Fair projects
*went through paperwork and found paperwork and cursed paperwork and sighed with relief at paperwork
*Took #5 with me to the store to buy supplies and get photos
*Picked up #4 from school
*Made lunch, fed kids, fed baby
*Started writing essays for Real Intent
*Did Ivory Soap experiment with #3 and #4
*Cleaned kitchen because the Ivory Soap experiment was messy. VERY MESSY!
*changed more diapers 
*Cleaned out flowers husband gave me for our anniversary and saved the still-alive ones in a new vase
*Picked up #2 from school
*Called doctor and took #1 there to get checked out. Relieved it was only asthma symptoms exasperated by a viral infection.
*Got prescription ordered
*Made dinner, supervised clean-up (where I came unglued and needed to calm down and then apologize, which I did, but still, the ungluing was ridiculous), and ignored the complaints about what I was making for dinner (Mexican shrimp and rice soup! Yum!).
*Asked hubby to pick up prescription. 
*Fed kids dinner
*Hubby was super late (work, Costco, groceries, prescription, forgot the prescription and went back for it) so we watched "National Geographic: Behind The Lord of the Rings" for FHE (after singing "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission" and yes, we are total nerds) while eating donuts and ice cream. 
*Hubby came home long enough to bring in groceries, go back for the prescription, come home, eat and then leave to give a blessing to a dear friend (who is giving birth right now! So excited for her!).
*Got kids ready for bed while hubby was gone giving said blessing
*Put kids to bed and tried to convince #6 to go to sleep on his own (not working!)
*Finally nursed baby and watched episode 6 of season 2 of Downton Abbey (we're catching up! Nobody say anything about what's happening in Season 3, okay!?)
*Went to bed and sighed when I realized I hadn't gotten to the laundry in our room 
*Baby woke up at 2AM and then 6AM. I think. I can't remember. I was soooo tired, so I think I slept through it all!

And so today? I feel like doing nothing. I want to take a day off. As "day-offish" as one can, eh? I mean, I've already gotten kids ready for school, took them to school (another major snow storm --it's still snowing as I write), and I've got to pick up #4 and his friend, plus the whole "diapering and nursing and keeping kids alive" thing. And I'll probably hit that laundry pile, and do some dishes, maybe tidy up the bathroom and clean our bathroom, the walks need shoveled because it's still snowing and sweet husband had to go to work early this morning, plus there's Temple Night tonight, so I should shower, for sure... 

Sigh. Mother's work is never done, you know? When I take a day off, it's ten times worse the next day. However! I will not feel guilty for being lazy for an hour or two. And yes, it could be worse (I know that, but let me have a moment where I feel my contribution is exhausting, eh?)

AND IN OTHER NEWS: Baby is walking! And he has another tooth! He's growing up way too fast, man. 

And now here are some funny-funnies for your viewing pleasure (that go along with today's theme): 



pioneerfamily said...

Dah! That was so funny! :) Our work is never done but at least we are working right?! My Dad always says, "Someone has to go to work" and I just picture him dealing with all the pressures of being a stay at home mama, and then I feel better!

WoozleMom said...

1. Mexican shrimp and rice soup sounds so yummy! ...Recipe? Pretty please?

2. I think I am going to have to see if Behind LOTR is online somewhere.

3. Those cracked me up.

Cheryl said...

1. I kind of made it up! It was chicken broth based, and I added rice (jasmine cooked in the rice cooker with taco seasoning and a can of chopped green chiles), black beans, kidney beans, shrimp, garlic powder, onions, and... I think that's it. Then I let it simmer for 10 minutes or so. It wasn't amazing, but Brandon liked it! Served it with cheese and tortilla chips

2. It was on Netflix streaming!

3. Me, too. :)

Pioneerfamily --Ooh, I hate it when men think they work more than we do! Except when they do. I think I hate that more. ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

<3 <3

Amanda D said...

I love the ecards. Especially the one about the napping child. That one is my favorite too. Too bad none of mine nap anymore!

I come unglued far too often too. I really have got to get a handle on that. Have a happy weekend!