Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love My Life

I have to write this down before I forget about it.

Last night, things were awesome. I was happy. It had been a good day: shower, dishes done, lunch out with my little boys, visiting my friend. The kids and I laughed a lot. We all made french bread pizza together for dinner, we timed it just right and ate as a family. Chores and homework and piano got done; the kitchen was clean. After the kids were in their pajamas, we played charades. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of joy. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my life. For my husband. For my children.

And the truth was, the day wasn't much different than any other day. Brandon had to work late (last minute project), the kids kept leaving the door open and tracking in leaves. My oldest son didn't want to practice the piano, #2 didn't want to do dishes, and I didn't get to the clean laundry (again). There was chaos and dirty diapers and dirty floors and the baby kept crawling towards the stairs (note to self: put up gate today).

But what was different was my attitude. I viewed my kingdom with joy instead of frustration. I truly looked at my offspring as my greatest gifts, I saw my husband's opportunity to work more as a blessing, because it means more money to help pay down debt.

I love my life. I do. I know I write so much about the struggles and hardships we face day in and day out, but the truth of the matter is that I'm blessed beyond belief in my world. I have gratitude in my heart for how much the Lord has blessed us. We have a modest home that fits us, cars that drive us, clothing that covers us, food that feeds us, a job that sustains us, schools that teach us, the Gospel that drives us, and love! So. Much. Love.

I'm grateful to my husband for his hard work so I can stay home to nurture these crazies. I'm grateful God has trusted me to have so many kids and keeps asking us to have more. I feel overcome with gratitude and humility for having a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am beyond grateful to my Savior for His Atonement.

Life is not perfect. It won't be perfect. I will always have to face trial and tribulation, but in this moment, and because of yesterday's moments, I can stand tall and move forward with courage. And that, dear reader, is what we call a Tender Mercy.

Man, I love Heavenly Father. And I love my life.