Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Full Weekend

What a weekend.

#3 was Baptized on Saturday morning, and we were able to get some really good photos of my immediate family (since all of my siblings were together!). Sunday morning, my beautifully talented SIL took our family photos (Brandon, me, and the kiddos). I can't wait to get them! On Sunday afternoon, my sweet little nephew was blessed. Yesterday, we hiked the "Y" as a family (holy cow, it was hard!) and I got a nap.

Aside from the flu I got yesterday (maybe? I'm feeling better today, but boy, last night I thought I was going to die), it was a fantastic weekend. Seriously, so much fun. Even with inevitable family disagreements and/or my anxiety at hosting a family function and large luncheon.

Here are some lovely photos (kind of. I didn't get many, since they were on my phone and were last minute thoughts. But when I get all the awesome family photos, I'll be sure to share, you can guar-an-tee it!):


Julie P said...

Looks like that weekend is in the run for "best weekend of the year"! So glad you were able to make such happy memories.

Amanda D said...

Looks like a great weekend! Your oldest son is so handsome. He looks a lot like you.