Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random: Homework, Mothering, BYU, and Autumn!

It took an hour yesterday after school, but he did it. #3 did classwork his teacher had to send home, his math page, his multiplication flashcards, and his piano practice. Phew! I didn't yell. I didn't bribe. I didn't punish. I simply pulled and prodded --and bit my tongue when my explanations were starting to sound like lectures. This morning he got up and practiced his piano without complaint.

I think I've figured him out. If he can do it easily, he likes it. If he's learned how to do it, and it's now easy, he likes it. But he hates anything put in front of him that is "too hard" or "too weird" and instead of taking them as challenges, he wants to ignore their existence. "If I can't do it awesome right now, it's not worth it!"


My FB status from last night:
"What a long day. And another checked-off list that only looks amazingly long, tiring, and awesome to me-- smallish and boring to everyone else. Just another normal day!"

Then Julie said: "Do share your awesomeness. I'd love to see your list!"

So I said: "The thing is, most of my list are things that people normally do, but mine feels like it's times 6, you know? So, skipping all the obvious stuff (changing diapers, getting kids dressed, making breakfast/lunch): Went to distribution and Deseret Book, biked up to the school to get #4, hung up pictures, cleaned kitchen, started laundry, helped with homework, two soccer games (dinner was snacks from the gas station! We live large!), and finally bed. The thing is, there's another two dozen details (at least) in there that most people wouldn't even notice. Like chasing the 3 year old down the sidewalk (again) because he loves to run away. Or nursing the baby 7 times. Or coordinating the soccer games and #3's baptismal interview with Brandon via text since he just flew home from Nashville and went straight to the office. Or waiting 30 min at Des. Book for the engraved scriptures for #3 to get done. Or... you know? The truth is, the stuff on my "LIST" was like three things. And that's why lists for mothers are so different than lists for society. But you understand. :) And frankly, even the days when it's "fed baby. Changed baby." --those days are just as important and awesome. It just takes a long time and a lot of mothering to realize it. :)
Phew! Is that what you wanted? :) :)"


Two more soccer games tonight. Breathe, Cheryl, breathe! But it's okay, because when they are done, you wanna know what's happening? What!? I have to TELL you!? You don't already KNOW!?

It's BYU Football's First Game of the Season! Home game! Tonight! At LaVell Edwards Stadium! GO COUGARS! We're taking the older girls (and the baby, of course) and we are all excited.

Oh, and for those also going, don't forget --tonight is a White Out!


I'm telling you, Autumn is the best season of the year, hands down. There is nothing like it in my book, and I adore everything about it. A lot of people must feel the same way, because do you want to know what has been my most popular post throughout the entire existence of this blog (7 years or so)? This post. The one entitled, "Ode to Autumn."

When I was a teenager, Autumn marked the awesomeness of awesome. It meant the EISF, marching band competition trips, football games, school starting (of course), corn husking parties (for the marching band, so we could raise money through our corn booth at the EISF) --although they were more like "flirt-fests amid husks of corn" -- and Homecoming.

Now, as an adult, I simply cannot wait to whip out my Autumn decorations, pumpkin scented candles, crockpot soups, and hoodies. I love taking the kids up the canyon on our annual "fall foliage" adventure, going to the pumpkin patch, enjoying our neighborhood picnic (a pretty elaborate affair), and anticipating the first snowfall. The only crazy part is how quickly the leaves have started to change this year (due to our dry winter and very dry summer, I'm sure).

It doesn't surprise me that my favorite colors are earthy tones (reds, oranges, greens, and browns), and I'm not ashamed to admit that my love affair with Autumn might also have to do with the men I've dated in the Fall. In fact, Brandon proposed to me on October 20th, on the Alpine loop, amid fall colors and overlooking the forest.

And, of course, there's the BYU football reason to love Autumn! How can one not adore this season with so much amazing amazingness going on?!?!

The only glaring scar amid it all: Jared is gone. It will be one year in a few weeks since he died and I admit I think about him a lot. Sometimes it's with sadness, other times I still get angry. Occasionally I just laugh when I think about him because he was so amazing and funny and kind. But it's okay. Because I will always love Autumn, even with the sad things that have happened during the season (like 9/11). If anything, it will remind me not to take the beauty, the family, and the fun for granted.

What's your favorite season?


Amanda D said...

When we lived in Utah, winter was my favorite. I love the cold weather and the snow.

In Oregon, I love summer. It's so mild and beautiful.

I do find myself looking forward to fall this year. I can't wait for school to start, to eat soup regularly, see leaves change and hit the pumpkin patch. The only thing I am not looking forward to is buttoning my jeans! :)

Courtney N said...

I love the Fall! It's so beautiful! Plus, I have terrible allergies and the cold weather usually helps tame those a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, you must be in the west of Oregon... summers in the other 2/3 of the state are hot, dry, and smoky. :) I miss Oregon Coast Range summers... and winters!

LOVE AUTUMN! It is really the best of all seasons, to me. I wish it would last longer, though.

Becca said...

I'm still looking for someone with ESPN to invite me to watch the game at their house.

Otherwise I'll just be listening on the radio. Not bad... just not quite the same...