Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kid Chores in the Happy/Crazy Household

(I know this is my third post in one day. I've got a lot to write about, man!)

My friend on Facebook asked if I would tell her about my kids' chores, in which I revamped today. So, I'm just writing about it here for her information. Please note that not everything is covered by the kids --the rest is MY stuff (and Brandon's!). Also, we're starting this tomorrow, so I can guarantee you that there will be a lot of screaming, whining, gnashing of teeth... but it's okay. Most of these chores they already do, but we've pretty much taken July off. Sleeping in, skipping family scriptures/prayers, maybe getting dressed --it's crazy! Gotta jump back in before school starts so everything is up and running before chaos hits us completely!


Up by 7:30AM for family scriptures/prayer followed by breakfast, getting dressed, and chores. When school starts, up by 6:30AM for breakfast, getting dressed, chores; scriptures still at 7:30AM.

Focus on FOUR AREAS that will enhance our lives and help our home run smoother (not everything listed will happen daily):

*Piano Practice
*Reading 30-60 minutes each day
*Writing stories, poems, music
*Learning about history, science, nature
*Puzzles, board games
*Learning a new skill or working on a talent (like singing, art, math, spelling, dancing)

*Doing something with nature each day
*Finding an enjoyable hobby
*Writing in a journal
*Learning to communicate: content communication, kind words, listening, patience
*Expressing emotions through talking, music, art, etc.

*Brushing teeth every morning/evening
*Brushing hair
*Hands/face washed
*Clean clothes/underwear/socks
*Exercise outside (could include running, biking, playing, walking, climbing, etc.)

*Family prayer morning/evening
*Family scripture study
*Personal prayers morning/evening
*Personal scripture study
*Prayer before meals
*Attending Church and the Temple
*Fulfilling Church callings
*Activity Days/Cub Scouts

DAILY CHORES FOR KIDS (to be finished before lunch; most (not all) done before school once school starts):

*Look adorable and eat and sleep and poop and smile and giggle

*Make bed
*Clean room
*Put away laundry
*Empty silverware (except knives)
*Put away personal belongings
*Practice ABC's
*Do Calendar (it's a soft calendar where we talk about the date, the seasons, the weather, etc.)
*Work on potty training! (hoping this will be done before September)

*Make Bed
*Clean Room
*Dust Room
*Put away personal belongings
*Fold/put away laundry
*Set table for dinner
*Get the mail
*Dust living room
*Clean bathroom mirrors and sliding glass door
*Practice writing name
*Practice writing letters and numbers
*Homework (if needed when school starts)

*Make bed
*Clean room
*Vacuum room
*Put away personal belongings
*Fold/put away laundry
*Empty garbage cans
*Put recyclables in outdoor bins
*Clean bathroom toilets
*Empty dishwasher
*Practice Piano
*Read 30-60 minutes
*Homework (when school starts)

*Make bed
*Clean Room
*Dust Room
*Fold/put away laundry
*Put away personal belongings
*Load dishwasher
*Clean out/scrub kitchen sink
*Vacuum living room
*Feed cat
*Clean counters/sinks/tub in bathrooms
*Practice Piano
*Read 30-60 min.
*Homework (when school starts)

*Make bed
*Clean room
*Vacuum room
*Put away personal belongings
*Fold/put away laundry
*Clear table
*Wipe off table/counters
*Sweep kitchen floor and hallway
*Clean out kitty litter
*Practice Piano
*Read 30-60 min.
*Homework (when school starts)

*Assigning meal prep to three oldest (once a week for each).
*Sorting laundry/starting laundry (they already switch it)
*Yard work --weeding, planting
*Family room/play room blitzing
*Once a month FHE talent show
*Chores for pay (weeding, washing walls, cleaning couches, washing windows, etc.)


Amanda D said...

Just curious: how it is going after a week? Are your kids always up by 7:30 or do you really wake them up?

Cheryl said...

It's going okay. I mean, we get stuff done, but it's still in the "we have to do this everyday!?" stage.

Yep! We're up at 7:30 every morning and sometimes someone has to be woken up. It's good because we're slowly getting back to earlier bedtimes due to being tired from getting up so early (the last month's average waking up time was 8:30).