Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday. I Think I'll Take A Nap.

I tried out the "no breakfast until chores are done!" this morning and it went rather well. I will have to continue this process --I have a feeling it will continue to work! Thanks to Liz and Becca for the suggestion. :)


Life changes are hard. But sometimes life redundancy is harder.


I didn't watch Rock Center with Brian Williams last night on Mormonism. I don't like to watch those things. They make me too nervous and are usually never completely accurate about my beloved religion. Did you see it? What did you think? Was it accurate? Did they spend too much time talking about junk that just doesn't matter? Do people really believe Mitt Romney has any influence on our Church?


Today is the first day we don't have any kind of soccer-related activity since Sunday. Whoo. Tomorrow we have four games. Whoo. I told myself that I need to chill out and stop stressing about it, though (I'm trying) because my older kids deserve to have fun. Yeah, it's inconvenient for me, but only because I have little kids to drag around to everything. However, I had the thought: Why should my older kids suffer because their parents chose to have more kids? So, I just deal. Yes, the kids are great at learning how to help (carrying things, watching younger siblings, sharing snacks, etc.), but they aren't the parent, I am. So, my goal this soccer season is not to complain about the situation, but to be positive and cheer the kids on whenever I can. You'd think it's be a no-brainer, but this kind of thing is hard, hard, hard for me.


Good news: I haven't gained any weight since I quit WW
Bad news: I only lost 4 pounds while on WW
Worse news: I hurt my left foot somehow and so I haven't been running. I believe the magic solution is green smoothies. They'll help my lack of energy and weight loss, too. So why can't I seem to kick myself into gear to make them? Hmmm...


Can you smell it in the air? As the days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler in the evenings? It's Autumn! She's coming soon and it's making me joyful. :)


siobhan said...

my kids have to feed and water the chickens and rabbit, collect eggs, and empty the dishwasher first thing when they get up. they have a list with their whole morning routine and while i might flex on the order of some of the later things, the top of the list is non-negotiable.

i have three in soccer again this year and i hear ya'! my husband works for all of it, so i'm solo. it's hard, but you're right that it's not fair to the bigs. i try to just accept that it's reality for a while, put on a happy face, and muddle through. and prepare! that preparation is key!

Liz said...

I watched the Brian Williams special, and thought it was mostly positive. Abbie Huntsman had some negatives to say as an ex Mormon. However, it showed a variety of opinions, from many different Mormons. I don't think they portrayed Mitt Romney as being too influenced by the Church or vice versa.