Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are You Brave? (Two CD Giveaways!)

I received Katherine Nelson's new CD, Born Brave, in the mail recently from yourLDSradio. What is yourLDSradio? They stream LDS music 24/7 online or on your phone. Seriously. Isn't that cool? (Even cooler is being able to listen to my former seminary teacher, Glenn Rawson, talk about "The History of the Saints!")

(All photos of Katherine Nelson are taken from her website)

Couple things you should know:
1. Katherine Nelson is the sister of a good friend of ours (hi, Paula!)
2. She has starred as Emma Smith in Emma Smith, My Story and Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, and was also in 17 Miracles.
3. The lyrics to these songs are amazing. Truly. Amazing!

I've had the chance to listen to her CD over and over and over and here's a taste of some of those lyrics:

Good For Me
"Maybe I was young
I didn't know what I was in for
You say I'm doing life all wrong
Like I've never heard that before
Well don't go asking me to clip my wings
Or say I've won a losing fight
Cause my babies kiss me every morning
And I love my husband every night"


Soldier Girls
"We go in the face of fear
Drawn swords and souls unfurled
We carry the hope of years
We're soldier girls."


"And I'm sure your heart breaks
When some people still say
Somewhere down the line you lost your faith
How much can one heart take
How much can one heart take"


"Father on High
God of white light
Send me daisies that bloom all night
Come what may
This I pray
Lord let me be brave"

I have fallen in love with this CD! Katherine said, "I truly believe that when we strengthen women, we strengthen the world. We are all born brave." Her music represents this perfectly, I feel, and I truly love her songs. In the short amount of time I've had to listen to them, I have been greatly touched --on a soul level --to her music. Although there is a country feel to most of her music (which I LOVE), I think it's something everybody would enjoy (the country feel is mild, trust me).

How can you win the CD? Leave me a comment telling me a story about a time when you were brave. Did you face your biggest fear? Was it done silently? In public? When I was thinking about a story I could share with you, I came up with a few:
*I parasailed off of a beach in Mexico behind a very rickety looking boat.
*I climbed to the top of Mt. Timpanogos when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first child.
*I accepted the calling of Primary President when I was 27 years old.
*I continued to have children, even when society and my Depression said I should not.
*I married young (in the Temple) and have kept my covenants despite rough patches in my marriage, society's blah-blah-ing, and my mental demons.

But wait! There's ANOTHER giveaway. "Wha!?" you ask? "Where is all of this awesomeness coming from?!" Well, to be honest, it's coming from yourLDSradio, because they sent me both CD's (they are awesome like that. Hence the awesomeness). The other CD is the 2012 EFY CD, Arise and Shine Forth.

I grew up listening to all of the EFY CD's (well, they were tapes back then) and I always really loved listening to them. I recall, once, listening to such a tape in my friend's bedroom. The Spirit was so strong and it prompted her to go back to Church and attend seminary. EFY music is cool, what can I say? And this one has musicians such as William Joseph, David Osmond, and Julie Yardley.

So! If you would like to win the EFY CD, and you already left a comment about a time when you were brave (in order to win Katherine Nelson's CD), then you are entered! It's that simple, dear reader. However, you can't win both. Sorry. But you can win one! And you don't know which one! I know. The mystery is overwhelming. But, yay! Two winners!

You can enter until Saturday, August 4th (around noon? Or something?). I'll announce the winners later that day.

Pass the word along! Oh, and make sure you like yourLDSradio on Facebook. And check them out on their website and start listening to uplifting and great music now!


flip flop mama said...

I posted this on my blog 2 years ago but here is my over-coming fear story: http://jamiewearsflipflops.blogspot.com/2008/04/conquering-half-dome.html

An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

I was brave when after miscarriage after miscarriage and other infertility issues, I still had faith and trust in the Lord to keep trying to have children. I feel very blessed to have the 4 little ones I do!

Amanda D said...

I was brave when we adopted our little girl, when I gave birth to my two sons, when we moved 800 miles from home, and so many other times. Interestingly enough, I would use brave to describe myself but I certainly have had time when I have been brave. :)

Mary said...

hmmm...I almost feel like talking about my brave moments is tooting my own horn. Look-at-what-I-did! type of thing. But here goes~
*I feel I was brave when at 18 years old I was told I had a brain tumor and my only option was to have it surgically removed.
*I was brave when I had that surgery {I was so scared, and yet, at peace knowing all would be well}
*I was brave when I woke from surgery to discover the entire right side of my face was paralyzed. It's healed for the most part. But it's still obvious that my face looks a little funny at times. But I have gotten up in front of people to sing many times, knowing that my mouth pulls to the side and my right eye squints as I sing. ;)
*I was brave when my mom passed away from cancer 3 months after my surgery and I didn't sink into a depression but carried on.
* I feel I am brave right now facing the challenges I have. And learning to step into the darkness and have the Faith that the Lord will lighten my way. And learning to live in the present, and to love and plan life with the family I have.

Rachel Holtkamp said...

After 32 years of singledom, I married someone with 2 kids. Instantly became a wife AND a mother, taking on the responsibilities of two children who are not biologically mine, and who still have a mother in their lives, whom they adore. Most people have at least 9 months of newlywed-dom. I had 5 weeks alone with my husband before we brought the boys here for the whole summer. I love it, but it has definitely changed my life completely. Oh, I ALSO got a new job this year, so I did 3 major life changes in the course of 4 months. I wouldn't say it's totally brave, but it's definitely not been super easy.

Chantelle said...

Not sure if your giveaway is US only, but I'll enter anyway :-)

The only two things that spring to mind when I think of my own bravery are returning to church after a whole blaze of glory exit about a year previous (although I suppose that is more humility than bravery!), and keeping hope and faith through various miscarriages and fertility issues whilst trying to conceive.

I don't attribute my bravery to my own strengths, though. It's all through my Saviour. Without Him, I'm nothing!