Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer in May

We bought a very large box of lemons from Bountiful Baskets a few weeks ago. Do you know how often one uses lemons in cooking in a couple of weeks? Not nearly a large box full. But it's okay. Brandon had the idea, when purchasing said box, that it would be put to good use in the form of lemonade. Namely, a lemonade stand for the kiddos.

At this moment, the kids are outside, selling their little hearts out. They've made nearly $12! And that's at 25 cents a cup, baby!

Accompanying this lemonade business is the constant stream of summer-esque activity. We're all in bare feet. Brandon fixed all the bike tires. The house is a mess, the door is always opening and closing, the sun is shining... The sky is blue, the grass is green, the leaves on the tree in the front yard are growing steadily. We have five days of school left and we've already planned on hiking on Memorial Day. Summer has begun! Sure, it may still snow next week. This IS Utah, after all. But for now, I think I'll take the hint and enjoy the arrival of summer vacation. It's so very, very nice.

This reminds me that I should probably plant my garden. I have three goals for my garden this year:
1. Plant one
2. Focus on herbs, tomatoes and zucchini
3. Remember to weed it

I think I can do that! I'm going small.

And speaking of goals and going small, I learned about making/keeping goals yesterday at my Mother's Guild group (run by Christina). We talked about how we can set goals, why we should set goals, and how to get our families involved. It was so nice! I heard things I hadn't thought of before, and I think it will help me to be more realistic when planning out my goals --and I may actually try again, instead of giving up over and over and over and over...

And speaking of goals, I think #5's goal is to slowly drive me insane by running outside as soon as I sit down to nurse the baby, climbing everything he sees, eating junk off the ground, throwing rocks in the air above his head, and screaming at everything and everyone --and then smiling his cute grin and giving me hugs and kisses. Seriously, God makes 2 year olds adorable so we don't sell them to gypsies.

And do people sell kids to gypsies? Do they? Do gypsies buy children?

Speaking of children, mine are the messiest children I've ever seen. Do you know what happens to a basement that has four children living in it when it goes unsupervised for weeks? Hmmm? Well, it becomes my basement. Remember those first three days of school where we'll be cleaning the house from top to bottom? Totally happening now.

Other things happening now involve Stake Conference. We used to meet in the Provo Tabernacle for Stake Conference, but since it burned down (and is being rebuilt into a temple, so awesome!), we have to meet at our Stake Center in blocks. We have the afternoon session tomorrow (1-3PM) and I'm happy! #5 can sleep anywhere, so I'm really hoping he just naps at Stake Conference. Tonight is the adult session and our ward choir is singing two pieces during the second half. They are very difficult pieces, I'm not gonna lie, and so we're kind of nervous. But then I remember a few things:
1. We've practiced them for a long time
2. It's a ward choir. How high can expectations really be?
3. We've got prayer on our side.
So, we'll be fine. Maybe I'm nervous, though, because for the first time in a really long time I'm singing and not accompanying. I'm used to being behind the piano --in fact, I haven't sung with the choir for more than four years now. I feel kind of exposed up there, singing my little alto heart out.

And speaking of hearts, last night Brandon and I went out on a hot date! That's right! We had Thai food! We were accompanied by #6, our constant chaperone (for at least 6-10 months), and he charmed the waitress right away. I like eating out with my man. We both have good taste in food. And he makes me laugh.

Food. What are you guys having for dinner tonight? I thought I'd go with Italian, but now I'm just not sure what to make. Before the adult session of stake conference, Brandon has the Priesthood session... hmmm... Those of you who make monthly meal plans, how do you do it? How do you plan for an entire month? Give me some ideas. Is it easier to plan weekly? Bi-weekly? Or an entire month?

Well, have a happy weekend, dear reader! Here's to a taste of summer.


flip flop mama said...

I plan weekly, a month is way too long ahead to have planned! At one point I planned for two weeks, but that didn't last too long. I like one week better since I usually go to the store once a week anyway.

Becca said...

I'm a weekly meal planner, myself. (I use a menu I printed out inside an 8x10 frame and I write the menu in dry erase marker so I can just use the same one each week - it helps me a LOT so that instead of being like "Hmm.. what should we eat?" and having to actually make a decision on the fly (GASP!) I can just look at the menu and eat whatever it says to eat (I do breakfast lunch AND dinner menu).

We had Stake Conference today, too! I think this is the first time in my married life that I have attended the adult session. Why? Because I got married when I was 19, and since then... well, I've been married (DH doesn't like to go to any Church that isn't on Sunday). I am learning that from now on I am just going to plan on going to my meetings with or without him. Anyway, he happens to be out of the country (and I was singing in the choir, so maybe he would have come even if he wasn't out of the country).

I love summer. Love it. Bring it on. (especially now that we have A/C - woot)

Cheryl said...

Adult session of stake conference is the best meeting in the church IMO. Maybe it's because I don't have children climbing on me and can sit and hold my hubbys hand.

I meal plan 2 weeks at a time and that 2nd week I only shop for produce and dairy. A month is too difficult for me. I also only plan 4-5 meals a week because that's all I ever fix due to leftovers and really busy weeknights. And weekends I cook very simply (quesadillas or pancakes or cereal) or we get pizza.

Amanda D said...

I like Cheryl's suggestion for meal planning...I may have to adopt that.

I love your description of summer - I can picture in my mind the tanned, dirty feet, the sun coming in the door and I can hear the shouts and laughter. Summer is still a few weeks away for us (unless the strike cancels the rest of school.)