Monday, April 30, 2012

Catch Up. If Blogger Will Let Me!

This new blogger has me pretty angry. I've been avoiding it because I lost a very long and detailed post last week, and because my time is so limited now-a-days, I boycotted the blog completely.
But now I feel like we can try again.
So much has happened! #1 turned 11 years old on the 21st. I've taught two amazing Gospel Doctrine lessons (and now I believe that Mosiah is probably my favorite book in the Book of Mormon). We've had a gajillion soccer games. There's been baby showers, Book Club, date nights, exercising in the mornings (again! With my daughters! Hooray!), eczema on the 2 year old (it's getting better), moving baby to his shared room with #5, date nights, laundry, ants in the kitchen (and ants in the bathroom), chronic bed wetting (not new), the elementary school fundraiser (a 5K! Where #1 ran it in 40 minutes --her first race, ever! Brandon also ran it (in under 32 minutes) and #3 ran the 1 mile), piano lessons, scrapes and bruises, rain, and watching a poor bird get run over by the car in front of me while driving (so sad!).
I've also had a lot of things on my mind. Nothing new. Things like:
*re-vamping chore responsibilities
I decided NOT to think about:
*the upcoming election
*the girls' room (oh. my. heck. How can two tweens be so messy!?)
*the weeding
I read some of the most amazing things:
*MMM's series on the Whirpool of Spiritual Stupidity. It is fantastic. Seriously, so good. Read it!
*Chantelle's continuing series on Learning to Submit. I honestly feel like she wrote it for me. I'm overwhelmed by it, to be honest.
*The May 2012 Ensign! Of course, I haven't read all the April 2012 conference talks that dwell within it, but I have begun. Because it's a treasure trove, dear reader. Modern day revelation/counsel from Prophets, Seers, and Revelators. Pretty darn awesome, eh?
Well, that's it for now. Nothing profound. Just catching up. I'll try to get back to all of my deep thoughtage soon, though. Because we all know that's why you come reading, right? Well, at least I can pretend... ;)


Cheryl said...

any secrets for the chronic bedwetting? My 3rd boy is 7 and is so frustrated that he wets the bed every night. A friend told us that it is a zinc deficiency and a zinc supplement cured his son. We tried it and it isn't working. Last night he told me he has been praying to stay dry at night for 2 years and his prayers aren't being answered. Broke my heart!

Cheryl said...

Honestly, Cheryl, we haven't really tried anything big. Our 7 year old wears a pull up every single night --sometimes he's dry, sometimes he wets through the pull-up. He just doesn't wake up! But you know, I have two adult family members that wet the bed until they were nearly 12 years old. So, I've been telling my son that it's really not a big deal, we should try to stop (by making sure he uses the bathroom right before bed), but he shouldn't feel shame for still wetting. He just puts on his pull up each night.

The hardest part is that now our 5 year old, who never did wet the bed, started about 6 months ago and it's gotten so common and bad that we've put him into pullups at night again. Sigh. I feel bad for the boys, but I'm so tired of changing their sheets! Pull ups make it easier.

I know some people have had success with alarms and such, but it just didn't feel like the right solution for us. *shrug

Cheryl said...

He wears pull ups too. But wanted to try the zinc because he so wants to stop. So I have let him wear underwear for the last few nights because he begged me too, but so far no success. I tell him it's no big deal and it's okay, but he is my perfectionist child and this isn't okay with him. Ahhh parenthood, it's so darn hard!

Cheryl said...

So tough! Our 7 year old also deals with the 4S I've talked about before (sensory sensitivity) and he cries to me often that it's not fair, he wonders why he has to deal with it, and he prays to make it go away (which breaks my heart, because it's not something that is ever "cured" --although maybe my faith isn't strong enough!??!).

It is so hard to see them suffer. I hear you. :(

Jill said...

I really meant to post this a long time ago, but it's hard to comment on my phone. We had ants in Texas and the best tip someone told me was to mop with vinegar water. The vinegar removes the scent trail that ants put down, so more won't keep coming. If you can identify where they are coming in, you can also use a spray bottle with vinegar water to confuse them. Good luck!