Friday, March 16, 2012

This Fine Friday

Baby is 2 weeks old today. He has his first pediatrics appointment in a few hours--I'm hoping he's gained weight. It's hard to tell (without actually weighing him myself, of course). My only other concern is his lungs. Because of the meconium, he had a hard time breathing those first days, and although he seems to breathe just fine (to me), I wonder if his lungs are as clear as they should be, because, you see, I worry. But then again, I worry a lot about things.
For the first time all year, #3 did NOT finish his homework this week. I guess I could blame him, but really? 2nd grade homework? That's a mom fail right there. I could blame the new baby and the hubby out of town, but it was just fatigue/apathy on my part. I feel rotten about it.
#5 is now obsessed with Dora and Diego. It changes monthly, his TV obsessions. We've gone through Blue's Clues, Bubble Guppies, The Wonder Pets, and Backyardigans. I remember when #1 was obsessed with Dragon Tales. #4 adored Dinosaur Train. I'm still obsessed with 19th Century British Historical Romances Based Upon Literary Novels.
We're watching American Idol this year. As you may remember, dear reader, I used to be quite the critic of the show and did a good job of writing up reviews of the show each week. Obviously, I stopped, but I do have some opines about this year's show:

1. Much better this year. Better screening process. Less bad auditions (so nice to see less of the junk and more of the good!). Better singers got through!
2. Deandre? *shudder. I can't STAND his voice.
3. My favorites: Colton, Erika, Hollie, Joshua, and Phillip
4. Sad to see Jermaine go. :(
5. Who will win? Colton, Hollie or Joshua.
6. Jessica is good, but seems too young... I'm wondering if her talent will take her all the way. Hollie, although amazing, and could win, needs to get over her nerves quick. Colton, Joshua, and Phillip are just plain awesome to me. LOVE.
7. Love Heejun's personality. Skylar is the next Reba. Elise reminds me of Sarah Barielles.
I cleaned two bathrooms and did two loads of laundry yesterday. Awesome.

I ate 5 bazillion calories in carbs. FAIL.

I ran errands. Suh-weet!

I went to bed too late (what? I had to watch Community!).

I'm sick. Whoo.
I'm having a good time watching the newer bloggers go through the same thing most of us bloggers went through 6-7 years ago when we started blogging. Or ten (if you've blogged that long. Which some of you have!). Nothing has really changed. What I find REALLY interesting is to see, from an objective point of view, the reasons why these people blog.
Some do it for money (literally).
Some do it simply for fame (gotta get more readers! How do I get more readers!? Where are the comments!? How do I get more comments!?)
Some blog for validation (see!? I'm not the only weird one out here!)
Others blog because they honestly believe that their blog is serving a much-needed purpose, and if they stopped writing, people would not be able to survive without them.
Some blog because they have the desperate need to vent publicly (raising my hand) and are too lazy to put it into a journal (again, raising my hand).
There are some blogs I admire because their purpose truly is selfless (preaching the Gospel) and yet others that SEEM to be serving a selfless purpose, but really? It's just a warped sense of self-righteousness blown out of proportion.
Many are just family journals/scrapbooks.
And then there are blogs that are out there that mix a healthy dose of humor with just everyday happenings.

Obviously, I'm not naming names or judging. Well, maybe it's not "obviously" because I guess the way I just listed them is judgemental. But what I mean is that I find it intriguing to see how and why people blog.

I used to blog for the fame and the validation. Then I moved to the "people will not survive without me!" thinking. Now I simply blog for a journal of some kind.

Why do you blog?

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! May your day be filled with green, green, green (my favorite color!) and no pinching. Unless you like that kind of thing, and then...umm...have fun with that...


Stephanie said...

I blog because I don't want to do housework.

And maybe some of those other reasons. It made me curious to guess which one you would think I was.

Second grade homework doesn't really matter. At least one week's worth doesn't, so I say let it go. Life is busy. How many times do WE let an easy job slide just because there's too much going on? Only like a million times. It's life. :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl, I love you! Know why? Cuz you make me smile and you're my hero! (you have twice the kids I have and I thought I was tired!) My favorite color is green AND I thought St. Patrick's Day was a celebration for my brother because his name is Patrick O'Brien :) Have a great, fun-filled weekend my friend!

Kim said...

You are too cute Miss Cheryl! I am glad your little man is doing great! I love reading your posts, not so great at leaving comments though! Just wanted you to know I love ya!

Linda Liebhardt said...

I forgot to wear green on St. Patrick's day because I was out of town and didn't pack for it. Duh.
And I blog as an attempt at journaling events. I don't much else with it except try to please my Mom and show her what we've been up to at times. She, an aunt and a cousin, a couple of kids, and my sister in another state are about the only ones who read it, to my knowledge. But I DO love to blog-stalk and admire many others!! Thanks for letting me stalk yours.