Sunday, March 04, 2012

Photos of #6 just after birth...

(Me super-focused during a contraction and Brandon's hand (haha!). I was in the tub right about the time transition hit; hoped to deliver in there, but he was not responding well. I ended up getting out and delivering on the bed. More details in the upcoming birth story!)

(See that dimple on his right cheek? #5 has the same one!)

(My awesome, amazing, fantastic midwife!)

(Proud Daddy!)

(He likes to suck!)

[All the kids --and my mom --meeting #6 for the first time (except #1; she watched the birth)]

("I like to nurse; I'm rooting all the time!")

("Yes, I am adorable. Yes, you love me to pieces. Yes, I love you, too!")


Amber said...

Jumping up and down for you, my dear. Way to go!

Courtney N said...

Yeah! Congrats! You are amazing! He looks like
#4. I wonder how long the dark hair will stick around!

Amanda D said...

Oh, he is so beautiful! The picture of the kids meeting him is priceless. I love it! Congrats!

Emily said...

Cute! But give me the whole story!!! :)

Laura said...