Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's My Own Fault for Refusing Induction This Time, Eh?

Measuring 46 weeks. It's normal for me. I have big babies. (Smallest, 8lbs, 3oz; biggest, 9lbs, 11oz.) Still, it's making me a tad nervous. I was lucky with my last baby (9lbs, 3oz) and didn't need even one stitch. But what about this time?

Dropping ketones; midwife has me downing protein like crazy (with natural foods).

Mucus plug (sorry, I know that's gross) is presenting itself slowly (long story).

Had three strong contractions last night. Then nothing.

Brandon massaged the pressure points in my feet last night. Nothing.

Did other things (none of your beeswax!). Nothing.

Every sign is pointing towards labor, but it's just not happening. Trying really, really hard to ignore the overwhelming, emotionally charged frustration at still being pregnant. I know I'm not due until next week. I know I should let him stay in there for as long as he needs it. I know I need to be positive. I know I won't be pregnant forever.


Any woman who has given birth understands, eh? The last few weeks are just hard. Exhausting and frustrating and annoying.

I just want to hold my baby!

Okay, I'm off to do something productive. Like dishes, juicing some kale, switching the laundry, or taking a nap. Probably all of 'em.
"By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant."
~Phyllis Diller


My Little said...

Chyrle, I am sorry you hit the very hard stage, and happy you are so close. I wouldn't worry about your big babies. Your body is used to birthing them and I am sure you will do great!

I totally get the reality of everything not working even though you have so many signs that it should, and yet you are still pregnant. That was so me on the last one. But maybe it will mean that labor will be super smooth. You can always hope.

I love that last quote, I might have to use that here in a little while. Happy cleaning, but happier napping!

evitafjord said...

Oooh, those pressure points HURT! My husband did that the day before I would have had to schedule a c-section. Totally worked but my ankles were sore for days after.

Amanda D said...

Oh, Cheryl! I'm sorry your so uncomfortable. Enjoy your afternoon and keep us posted!

Emily said...

Hang in there!!! :)

I went to the midwife last week and I was 50% and 1, today I went and I was 40% and 2. Hmm? Sorry you're sooo big! I measure just right and I feel HUGE -- my biggest baby was right at 8, the other 2 were 7s. I'm hoping this one will be 7, also.

Good luck.

flip flop mama said...

Yep it is. :-) seriously though you can do it! Think of the birth you want and have been preparing for and hang in there! You are stronger than me. I wanted to not be induced this time but I couldn't do it. Go eat a cookie and take a nap. You deserve it!

Amber said...

Sending love your way.

FluffyChicky said...

Olive Garden!! ;)

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

Yes, it's hard. It's hard enough to make us want to do labor. ;)

But there is no should here, friend. If you did decide to induce, you'd still be an amazing woman and mother.

I know you probably won't, but just wanted to say that anyway. ;)

Cheryl said...

Ah, but induction is not possible with my home birth. If I wanted selective induction, I would have had to go with a hospital. ;)

Fluffy, I know, right?!

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

I know. That's why I said I figured you wouldn't. ;) I just am in the mode right now where I'm celebrating the fact that we have such a wide range of choices in so many facets of our lives. Lately some things have helped me come to appreciate that reality all the more.

The wonderful thing about being pregnant is that it's one thing in life you know, without question, will eventually end. :)

And I hope that this choice for home birth is all you have hoped for, and more. It's coming soon! Thinking about you lots.

Handsfullmom said...

Yep, totally your own fault. Induction is awesome! But for your sake, I hope this little one arrives soon -- every day is torture those last few weeks, and I was measuring only slightly big.

Just so you know -- I measured 48 weeks the week I delivered my twins, so you have every right to feel anxious!