Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February is a Time for Birthdays!

In case I don't get any more blog posts finished this week --because we all know how much I don't like to blog (yes, I'm rolling my eyes) --I thought I'd entertain you with some birthday spotlights. We will have FOUR birthdays this month. #4, #2, me, and hopefully this baby (although he could easily come in March. Maybe. I hope not!).

Anyway, so here you go!

#4, our glorious brown-eyed, blond-haired, emotional, stubborn Star Wars expert will be turning FIVE tomorrow. Five! How is this possible, I ask you!? How? I remember very vividly that he was just born. 3 weeks after he was born, we moved to California. A year later, we moved back... and yet... I swear it was just last month. Maybe last year. Not five years!

Things I love about my little guy:
*He says the funniest things and they come out of nowhere. Last week in the car:
"Mom, did you know that clouds are made of water?"
Me: "Yes! I did. How did you know that?" (I was thinking preschool, his older siblings told him, etc.).
Him: "Oh, I learned it on Avatar! Katara can bend the water in the clouds!" (Thank you, Avatar, The Last Airbender, for teaching my children science! Amongst other awesome things.)

*He's a big softy. He cries if I'm late to pick him up (because he "missed me") from preschool, he cries if he gets his feelings hurt, he cries if he thinks mom and dad aren't coming back, etc. It's sweet (although sometimes I worry about it).

*His obsessions: legos, Star Wars, beating the dragon on Mario Brothers ("old school!"), coloring pictures only he can recognize as anything more than colors running here and there.

*He loves his friends so much --even when there are disagreements, he's always ready to forgive, apologize, and move on.

*He says the best prayers!

*He's so good and kind to his younger brother and takes so much "abuse" from his older brother. Being the middle boy is tough! But he's doing well despite the odds.

*He has the sweetest smile and the best hugs. He's a loving boy!

Happy Birthday, #4! I sure love you, buddy!

(When he was born, he had massive amounts of jet-black hair. Massive! It never fell out --it just starting growing in blond. He had his first haircut at 6 months old!)


#2 turns NINE years old on Saturday (the 11th). NINE! Once again, where did the time go!?

#2 is such an enigma. I adore her, really. Her personality can be defined as "walking to the beat of her own drummer." Yep, that's the best one. Individual. High self-worth. Unique sense of style and taste.

When she was born (NINE years ago!?), she was 10 days late. The doctor induced me with a lot of pitocin. She wouldn't come. I suggested he break my water. I went from a 4 to a 10 and pushed her out in less than 45 minutes. Honestly? It was her stubborn and fiery personality --fits her so well!

Things I love about #2:
*She doesn't care what people think of her when it comes to things that don't matter. How she does her hair and how she matches up her clothes are all her own style; rude comments won't deter her. However, if people call her dishonest? Mean? Bossy? She takes it very hard. She knows what matters --character over looks, man. Character over looks.

*She's brilliant (like her older sister. And her father!). We've just applied to CAS (the Center for Accelerated Studies) and if she gets in, she'll most likely go. She's a fantastic writer, reader, and is very creative.

*She has a fantastic sense of humor and is always coming up with riddles and jokes.

*She doesn't have a lot of close friends. This is hard for her (especially after school and at recess). I know it's because of her loud and independent attitude, but at the same time, it just breaks my heart. But this girl has borne the brunt of it with so much patience. Seeing her being rejected or "ditched" (her word) is so hard, but the girl bounces back so quickly! She's a tough nut.

*Her testimony. The only word for it? Wow. She loves, loves, loves the scriptures, the hymns, Primary, FHE, prayer, etc. The girl does most of it on her own, too! She absolutely loves the Gospel and is constantly asking me questions about one doctrine or another.

*Her inquisitive mind --just like with her schooling and the gospel, #2 is constantly asking questions about EVERYTHING around her; I honestly think this is why she's so smart.

Happy Birthday, #2! I love you!

(I really need to get some of her baby pictures scanned onto the computer. This is the youngest I have right now --she's two.)


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Those blondies of yours are such cuties! Happy Birthdays #2 & #4!

PS-#2's friend experience sounds EXACTLY like mine at her age...I don't know if that should be comforting or sad. ;)

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday, #2 & #4!

My son had his first haircut at 6 mos., too. My younger son had curly hair, so I didn't have to cut his as soon. My girls were born bald and stayed bald for quite some time.

Not caring what others think about you on things that don't matter = priceless. She's lucky to have that trait.