Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Kids Are Constant Entertainment

Stuff we've been doing lately:

Piano Recital for the oldest three crazies. It was #3's FIRST recital --he was so nervous --and he did such a good job! Funny story: #2 fell asleep (not kidding!) about three people before her turn. She finally woke up (thanks to #1 --they were sitting on the front row away from us) during the performer before her, walked up somewhat groggily to play her pieces and then...forgot to play her third song! (I guess I should point out at that each performer plays all of their pieces before the applause to save time.) She stood up and curtsied, the audience applauded, the next person got up to perform. Luckily, her kind teacher had her get up at the very end to play her last song.

Aren't they cute?

Other things:

*The preschooler peed on the toddler. That was fun. This came the day after the preschooler peed all over the seat on the toilet, including the bottom part of the top seat (you know, the lid). And I ended up sitting in it. Without realizing what I was sitting in. #4 and I had a nice "conversation" about why we only pee in the toilet bowl. ~sigh~

*Today is maturation for the girls at the Elementary School. Honest confession: I'm SO grateful my 5th grader already knows everything they're going to talk about. She still wants me to come and sit next to her during the presentation, but I'm not worried about the information they will be presenting. I've actually heard from some other mothers in the neighborhood that they don't teach ENOUGH. Which, in a way, is a good thing. It's not the school's job to educate kids on this, right? It's the parents. And the only reason we HAVE maturation in schools is because parents aren't doing their jobs. So, yay for having it for those poor kids who learn nothing from their guardians, and yay for those who do!

*I've been a slug all week. The nesting instinct comes and goes, dear reader. One day, I'm on fire! Go, go, go! The next it's all I can do to get dressed for the day. I'm determined to nest today --or at least do the minimal chore-list that needs to be done. Wish me luck.

*At Relief Society last night (formerly known as Enrichment night), we played an awesome get-to-know-you speed dating kind of game. So fun! But after it was over, I spent way too much time talking. Talking and talking and talking. I did great listening and asking questions during the game, but for some reason, I couldn't shut up later. Sigh. As I told one sister in my ward: "I'm an enigma in this ward. Yes, people like me, they just don't know what to DO with me." And I think I proved it (subconsciously).

*The preschooler and me:

me: Have fun at Bob's house! (name has been changed)

PS: I will. And don't worry, mom. I told Bob and Jimmy (names have been changed) last time that they needed to stop acting like satan. So, don't worry.

me: (busting a gut laughing)

I then explained to my 4 year old that we should ask people to be kinder --not to tell them they are acting like satan! But, hey, he listens in FHE, so whatteryagonnado?

*Discovered at my midwife's appointment that baby's head is DOWN! Yay!

That is all I can think of in the moment. Have a great Thursday, dear reader! Here is some fun quotage to send you on your way:

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool mom. ~Author Unknown

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I just wanna hug your cutie-crazy-kiddos! And you! I'm a hugger, what else can I say?